• Cancer Men..ARE YOU COWARD?

    I am a strong leo woman who is in love with a cancer man.We’ve met six months ago and we liked each other.He tried to impress me and yes i fell love with this guy so easily.He was too shy and i made the first move.I told his close friend that i like him.He did NOTHING! But He stares me all the time.I chase him sometime and he run away from me.Then he chases me but he doesn’t make an effort to get me.I feel his love so much but I don’t want to do anything now because i did my best.I am proud leo woman and I want him to make an effort to get me .Why is he so scared?Does he lose his interest?I want the guy who is strong and not coward.I am so tired of encourage him all the time.Sometimes i think that he doesn’t love me.I read all the astorological advice about cancer man but i am still confusing.Can you help me please?

  • Cancer men love a challenge. They require alot of patience and space. Believe me, I know this because I have been married to a Cancer man for 6 years and together 8 years. When they feel tied down they turn away. You are a strong woman, that is what attracts him to you. Let him chase you but do not be extreme. Do not cling because this makes him feel like you are needy. Independence and stability are required to. You have to keep him guessing speak to him without words. Definitely do not be pushy , he will run before he falls. If he feels you are bored with him or losing interest he will feel challenged, just do not overexaggerate. That would be bad. I hope I was of help to you and Best Wishes to you.

  • Oh,thanks for your replying it is very helpful.I want to add something more.

    I try not to care for him and move on my life but this time he is getting angry with me.He is jealous all the time.I try to satisfy him and i do what he wants.I want to speak him clearly but i am scaring because i don’t know what is in his mind.Sometimes he wants me and he becomes very kind guy but when i want him he turns into his shell.When he Does this,he brokes my heart.I know he is moody but i can’t handle it.The worst of all i think he avoids serious relationship and that’s what i want.If i make up my mind to forget him i do that but i don’t want to do that because i feel his love deep inside.

  • Is that all ?PLEASE HELP ME

  • You answered your own questions, read what you wrote again. 😉

  • I agree with gypsydreams... most of the time with us its either harmony or its not... at least with me anyways... the best relationships I've been in you don't have to try at all... the love just flows... if youre trying so much and analyzing and striving for a result theres no room for that love to flow, and it doesn't. Find someone you're more compatible with and where you don't have to worry about all this; a person where you spend your time together positively, instead of stressing and worrying about all this... theres over 6 Billion people out there!

  • BUT... we most certainly are NOT cowards.

  • True Story. I used love it when my Cancer man showed his ,"Grrr." For me a Pisces/Horse with Cancer in my Moon sign and Scorpio rising...I found that sexy...I loved his agressive and slightly bossy side. Only as needed. He is a Cancer/Dragon. I miss him. mad at him, but I miss him. We had a dream once ( yes I said we) I had a dream where I saw one half of the dream and I told him about it and he told me the other half of what happened in the dream. It was our wedding. That never happened to me in my other relationships...only with my Cancer man...Never did find out what that meant. I love him. Anywho I agree with Gypsy and Duke.

  • thank you so just flows..and i 'll try not to strive so much.

  • @ dontbesilly- I too am a strong leo woman who was briefly involved with a cancer man. He too, tried to impress in the beginning and was all nice & kind and sweet so, naturally so was I. Now, that I think about it THAT WAS SO NOT ME! Hello, I am a strong LEO woman !!!! Anyway, it's true.. they like a challenge. How do I know this? Cuz even after asked me 'can we just be friends for now? ' he still contacted me. Why? Because I didn't contact him at all.... I know it is horrible... and such a game, however I am just telling my experience with a cancer man. He is THE most confusing man I have ever dealt with. Also the most untrustworthy. He lied right to my face the other day...I think he is even invloved with someone else... yet he still contacts me. Asks me if I am with anyone else, ask who I go places with, wants to know if I get in other relationships??? What??? You didn't want me, remember? Then, he retreats for a while and comes back like nothing happened. Do I care for/about him.. of course I do... I care for people easily in general... however I have to agree with what everyone else says.... if's it's TOO difficult.... than it probably is.... just be careful girl 🙂

  • Good advice on here.

    A friend of mine who is married to a cancer man for 30 years, said by giving him the space he needs when he needs space, has kept their marriage going.

    Thought I'd just mention that.

  • Great advise on the space Piscesstar!

  • Thanks, and I'm not stalking you Redleo73!! LOL

  • lol.... I know that!

  • classes are offered here!!!

    Men 101 - Basic understanding on how to understand your man and not go crazy!

    starting Monday 9 am PST

    no matter what your man's sun sign is, HE IS A MAN, and men's needs are very different

    and DO NOT COMMUNICATE the same way as a woman. ALL MEN NEED SPACE!!!!

    ALL MEN do get H O R N E Y!


    Ms Sunny

  • Ms Sunny,

    Good to hear from you.

    I like my space too...........but why long periods of time?

    Do even the older men get H O R N E Y?? lol

    I have to work Monday but will check in later in the day to see this.


  • um.... not to be rude... regardless of whether or not men get horny .... if they're in a relationship, they obviously have someone to "get it on" with.... no need to go else where, or get anyone else involved .... am I wrong?

    So it's ok, to ruin a relationship, cheat or involve someone else emotionally because a guy is thinking with the wrong head??????? lol.....

    sorry, just had to vent.... thanks for the info 🙂

  • I was trying to throw some humor in here. there is too much of a need to focus on the sun sign, and not the man that he is. no matter the sign, Virgo, Leo, or Aries, all have one thing in common. when looking for sex, the p e n i s is doing the thinking. which is why men tend to NOT THINK when he sees a pretty thing that is willing to spread her legs.

    the facts of life are not easy to digest... there are plenty of women out there that DO NOT care if the man is married, engaged, or even in love with somebody else. women can be just as greedy as a man can be.

    If a man, and many of them do not think when they stumbled upon Miss Pretty, and the lady or whore is willing to compromise, you can bet he will dive in for a quickie.

    There is a book and that has been out for many years now, and I recommend all women and men too, to read this book. it's an eye opener, and will help you stay away from creeps and men who just wanna play around. in other words, how to avoid bad men and women.

    "Women who run with the wolves" by Clarissa Pinkola Estes PhD

    BTW~ some men do lie... sad, but true. some women lie too. some men are masters of manipulation.. some women are masters of manipulation too. women can be as equally bad at playing mind games.

    There are specific types of men that just have a need to cheat. cheating is in their DNA, and are hardwired and most likely brainwashed by their Father/Mother relationships. then there are men who do NOT cheat. no matter how tempting it is out there, some men are just jewels, and ARE HARD TO FIND. there are plenty of good men out there, but then why are women not finding them?

    the answers are in the book. it's really simple okay? find yourself a man that is not going to cheat on you.

    if a man can get it from home, then why the need to cheat? it's in HIS DNA, and I don't care what sign he is. he has learned to cheat, and he thinks he is entitled, no matter how hurtful it is to his mate. And you might want to ask yourself why anyone would tolerate this behavior.

    there are plenty out there that do not cheat, do not play games, and know what they want. those are the good men.

    be choosy, and you will not make a mistake. too many rush into a relationship, only to find out he/she was not the right person.

    If a man or woman does not come around after a period of weeks. assuming you are dating or were dating. either he is hung upon his fears for whatever the reasons are, then he is not ready OR not the right one for you.

    men and women are very different and communicate differently. both men and women need space.

    all men need space, and women don't need space? oh please give me a break.

    staying away for too long is not a good sign.. never sit around and wait for someone who is not sure, not ready, not committed, and indecisive.

    Life is too short...

  • AMEN Ms Sunny!!

    I will repeat......


    Thank you


  • Ms Sunny........

    Sorry about the sense of humor thing, I am very slow......remember I am an Aussie!! lol


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