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  • okay now, i read astrology... during reading horoscopes it informed me that today sept 18th is supposed to be the best day of the year for a pisces... i would say for myself nothing happened exciting... its been a normal, or same old same old day for me... i know the night isnt over yet, but my phone hasnt even rang today... wondering how all of you pisces experienced this day... jaffeebella

  • Well, if that is true...then the Cancer I am still in love with should call and say, "I have chosen you. Take me back...I love you!!" But since he is outta town with his girlfriend. That is so not gonna happen any time soon. I might have the lottery and someone forgot to call me earlier today so I might find out tomorrow. Sigh, it has just been a regular day for me. One where I did not want to leave the all. I finally did head to store to do some evening provision shopping. I saw a hottie buying some fruit and he came around to check me out, but I was not looking hot at all. Stupid Pisces many military hotties around here that are single and I cant really see any of them...Hopefully, this is not the best day of the year for us...hopefully there will be more.

  • I am too. But I've had my charts done & every one I talk to said read my acscent side( Leo) for my horoscope .

  • hmm, interesting...maybe I should be reading my moon sign or rising sign ( my moon:Cancer and my rising: Scorpio)

  • jeez i had a regular day also... i guess it proves that a horoscope doesnt tell anything for us... i am convinced it is a waste of time and energy and all the emotions i go through reading my lovers horoscope that it is a false... because mine isnt coming true to what they say... so im sure what they are saying about him might not be happening either, thank god... jaffeebella

  • Normal day for me too!

  • jeez this is not right... people convince us that our horoscopes are true and we believe, but it isnt... well that just cured my curosity... take care hon jaffeebella

  • Today hasn't been a particularly active day (slept in, stayed in all day, just now getting to but by staying in all day I got to do a lot of the daydreaming and thinking and such I like to do. Intellectually, it's been productive, even if I have a heap of laundry to do and I'm still in my PJs! 😄 I also did find out that my sister may be coming to visit for a festival this weekend, which is exciting because I've had a grand total of ZERO visitors the entire time I've been in college! 🙂 So it's been great on that front. Not "best day of the year" but the best day out of the past couple weeks or so.

  • well good to hear that... well i received a certified letter... and i missed the post man yesturday so im like wondering who it can be from and it is driving me nuts not knowing... i have so much going on in my life right now, so maybe it is a good news thing... but i wont find out how good or bad the 18th was for me till tomorrow on monday the 20th and i pick up the letter... but anyways, i was just wondering how every pisces is experiencing the 18th of sept... but i was hoping that all of us did have a wonderful day and it was the best of the year... ive been through hell and back... i would say these past 3 years... i was looking forward to something great... oh well my wishes never come true... soooo ill just keep dreaming... i love to dream actually it keeps me calm and wanting more in life, kind of like a push for me in life... jaffeebella

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