Authenik, whats going to be so good

  • can you see whats going to happen... i would love a detailed reading or all that you can see if you are up to telling me... i dont see ahead of me whatsoever... i hate it... when i try to look ahead i get so confused and emotional and scared and all the above... i feel i have no life ahead of me... and it scares me... ive been honestly analyzing myself and making changes where i see need to be changed... but of course it is hard to see yourself so you really have to dig deep and even then... isnt it funny you can see everyone elses faults but your own... and you mentioned a backfire... what did you exactly mean by that, that im going to fall back on my face with all that was done because i am strong at the moment... i do have a gut feeling when all this goes to court and i see my ex for the first time since the relationship i will have a down spiral... but hopefully i can get back up... i was hospitalized not too far back due to all the crap too... but i am bipolar, and it effected it and i was put on higher meds... infact i go back to docs wed for a medication adjustment... but anything you can see with this change that is going to take place and you said it will be a good one, please enlighten me and when will it take place please... jaffeebella

  • authenik, can you tell me what you meant by backfiring and there is going to be some sort of twist with the men in my life... im just wanting more detail if you can tell me please... thanks jaffeebella

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