• Sunshine,You said it ...but sometimes I think our government is a toad!!!!

  • Hi Elaine,

    Still praying for you and hoping you are having a great day. It's snowing pretty good here today, I need to stay home, but have other things needing done..... oh well, just have to drive carefully and look out for the other driver, LOL.

    Chrissicat, That's why I vote everytime the opportunity comes up, the time will come where the vote that I place will get the right person into the Government, and then we'll have to see.....

  • Hello Sunshine,

    I've been keeping a close eye on the weather ALL over the world right now, even in the UK where they are having unusual amounts of snow (so the weatherman says), Here in the Miami/Ft. Lauderdale, FL areas we are expecting to have record lows into the 30's inland (I live near the coastline) and I'm expecting it to be in the 40's. I know for me the snow is fun but of course I don't have to drive in it, dig my driveway out.

    I'm glad your back to work. Things for me are not actually getting any better healthwise, they are worse and I fear I am at the end of my rope. The pain is too much to bear but the doctors are afraid to write prescription narcotics for fear of losing their license, I need something stronger than 5/325 mg. oxycodone. That is just generic percocet with tylenol (I'm sure you know this) and it's JUST NOT ENOUGH ANYMORE. We put our animals down when they suffer, I wonder what I must have done in my past life to have to live with this Karma?

    I'm so sorry to sound so depressing sweetie, this is why I've been playing Farmville and not blogging as much, mindless energy.

    You are never far from my thoughts, this goes for everyone who responds to this thread.

    Peace, Love and Light,


  • Hi Elaine,

    Wow, what an incredible support group you have here! i literlly spent the entire day reading each page. wow, it was intense, interesting and ever so loving. You my dear NotShy are very much loved and lifted up in spirit. I hope you can feel all of that coming your way. I realize you may not see this post as you have taken some time off but I still felt commpelled to write somethig.. Whether you are here or not people will still send you loving and healing energy.


    I do not know if I will see you here and know that my posting is not to force you to engage. Please do not if you do not choose to. Simply know that you are being lovingly thought of. Oh, and kitties too!

    May Blessings rain down on you!

    Exscuse spelling errors! Tired tonight!


  • Hello RedPetals,

    I'm so glad to see you online. Yes, there are some very amazing people on here who I have so much love and admiration for, they are the real deal if ya know what I mean. I hope you are recovering from your surgery and feeling a bit more like your old self, well, not old, just better, hehe.

    I was supposed to go get my HIV lab tests done this morning but just couldn't get into it so I will have to postpone it till tomorrow and hope he gets the results in time for my visit next week.

    Thanks for stopping by and tell Brian hello for me.

  • Hello Poetic, how was your weekend? We had some gorgeous weather, huh? Now for the winter clothes, it will be very cold when we wake up in the morning tomorrow. Gotta love it.

  • NotShy Cyberhugs and wishes for painrelief for you

    Love and Light

    Blessed Be )O(

  • Sorry to hear you've taken a turn for the worse. Please don't believe this is Karma or that you attract negativity and illness to your body - I know, easier said than done. Sometimes it just happens without your control and without it being a test or a lesson. I hope the pain subsides soon. Just do as much as you can with current medications, heat, a massage maybe. Nothing lasts forever.

    Is there someone who can act as an advocate to you? Makes no sense for doctors to refuse writing narcotic prescriptions although I know FL has a bad problem with prescription fraud and illegal distribution. Too bad your state doesn't allow medicinal marijuana - might help in your case.

    Sending healing thoughts your way.

  • Notshy,

    I feel with you the cruelty of doctors not helping you with the medication you need. I am asking Archangel Michael and Raphael to be with you and get you through all of this. I won't say to think positive because I know it is hard to do so when you are in great pain, just give it up to the Angels and the Universe and let them help you with this. We all are here for you and are sending you the healing energy and White light to help you get past all this. Just keep the faith and knpw we all are caring and praying and manifesting healing energy for you. Many Blessings are yours,


  • notshy,

    i am truly sorry i havenot written to you besides feeling tired, i have been facing some personal issues of my own doesnot mean i havenot been thinking of you , because you are always in my thoughts and prayers, Elaine, something has to give, i wish i had magic hands where i could just touch you and all your pains dissapear, i understand your words, and also feel them, like sunshine said dont give up, close your eyes, call the angels, call god, talk to them, today poetic wrote something about using a purple light in the thankful forum, maybe that will help try it, i pray for you, i pray for a miracle, i pray to god that you get a peaceful night sleep, and wake up feeling much better in the morning, that the sun somes shining in thru your window and brightens your day.

    i will check tommorrow to see if you have posted,

    with love and prayers,


  • Notshy,

    I live in AZ, most pain management docs will write narcotics as long as you sign an opioid contract that states you will not receive any narcotic meds from any other doc, if you do you are cut off. No one should suffer with chronic pain, even all the prayer and meditation will not make it go away,although it might help somewhat. Anyone who has not dealt with chronic pain cannot speak on the subject, unless of course they have an extremely high pain threshold. I am so glad to see you back. Kath

  • here in the UK that doesn't seem a problem, since his cancer op, hubby has a repeat prescription for Tramadol, not sure if it has the same name in the USA, and he doesn't have to visit the dr for it I just put in a note then collect it from the chemists, and that stuff's real strong if you o.d by even one pill you hallucinate on it, and you do anyway if you haven't had it before it's like being real drunk, but you sort of see yourself and can't do anything about it's horrible but it sure gets rid of pain hubby gave me one when my back was so bad I couldn't move NO Way Ever Again for me don't like being out of control like that it's scary

    Love and Light

    Blessed Be )O(

  • Good morning all,

    WOW, it's freezing here, no, I mean really!!! I woke up in the sweetest way this morning. ALL 3 kittens were curled up around me in bed, one of them actually managed to get inside the "crook" of my arm and was purring. So, one was purring then the second one started purring and licking my nose, it felt like sandpaper (but I loved it). They are just PURE LOVE and JOY!

  • Tenchi2go, thanks for your support friend, you always know just what to say. My sister is my advocate (healthcare surrogate) but she can be a hindrance to me at times because I have to keep her temper in check, she gets very passionate when it comes to me.

    Yeah, this whole Karma thing has me wondering...........hmmmmmm.

  • Sunshine, you really do get it don't you? I appreciate you telling me that you understand the pain making it difficult at times to be positive. I try all the time but I'm just human. Today is another day though, let's see.

    Have a nice day and glad to hear you are better.

  • Good morning Ramonita, are you as cold as I am? I have no heat in my apartment, just my kitties but that is enough. I'm sorry things aren't going so well for you right now, feel free to email me if you have a chance. I'm sure this holiday time must be crazy for you, getting things ready for the grand children. I also hope your health is stable.

    Love, Peace and Light,


  • Hi Leogirl,

    I would definitely qualify for medical marijuana IF it was legal but I may just have to try the illegal way...DID I just write this on a public forum? ROFLMAO..........

    Hun, we have SO many "pain management" clinics that are fly by night, that is what is making it hard for a regular family doctor to write an RX for narcotics. My doctor gives my 5 mg. oxycodone with 325 mg. tylenol but I've reached a stage where I need something maybe time released, my sister says Oxycontin but ya kinda have to have cancer to get that here anymore.

    I get the feeling you live with chronic pain or know someone who does? Good to see you too sweetie, have a nice day.

  • Chrissicat, I have a prescription for Tramadol but haven't decided whether to try it or not.

    Hallucinations, huh? BTW, I read that if you decide to stop taking Tramadol, the withdrawals are horrible. Just an tidbit for you to know if you didn't already know. I may give this some more thought. My sister took it but it didn't help the severe pain. I guess everyones tolerance levels are different.

    Thanks for the information.

  • Owww no, I didn't know about the withdrawals, but hubby's ultra careful he had a problem with pain killers before when he dislocated his knee...on the same leg he had cancer in, and was VERY reluctant to use anything at first, just in case, I suppose you might try just the one dose, that shouldn't cause any problem maybe? mindyou medications interact differently on different people anyway so it might work for you better than your sister and me

    Love and light

    Blessed Be )O(

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