• notshy,

    i was reading the post and i read about you feeling a presence that came over you, shortly afterwards you returned to posting, i also read about the angina, myself like many others in this forum wish to be closer to you so if your ever needed us, all us would have to do would be called out to us h you wouldnot even have to finish the word help and we would be by your side,

    i believe in the power of the prayer, keep praying, it was truly beautiful what happen, i thank god you were able to get better and go help your mother, which i know is very special to you. i also believe in the power of the mind, keep it strong at all times, let that will to continue on, be stronger than all the armies of the world put together,

    i still am praying for you and will continue, even when i cannot get to the forum, this week has been one wild week, going places, i have had a ball, my daughter today took me to broward general, thats where i get my treatments, and then we went to this awesome store, which name is dsw, oh my god they have some awesome shoes, there, some awesome heels, how i wish i was about thirty so i could wear them again, right now they went to pick up some food and a little wine, when they get back i will have a toast for you, for everything in your life to become great, my two sons paid their way to college doing dj, they have equipment they are going to turn on the music, i will dance for you, i am going to dance so happioly, i want to hit the roof, all i ask from you, is to live, laugh, love is not to be mention, because that i know you know how to do very well,


    may you hear the angels sings to you,

    may they stand over you,

    may they pass thier spirtual hands over you entire body,

    with god and the angels as thier helpers,

    may you returned to complete health.

    your friend ramonita,

    this is always my prayer to you,

  • love the videos I don't have a youtube accouny but as Dyl's always leaving his signed in but I must remember NOT to favourite things without permission

  • Elaine, just wanted you to know I was thinking of you today and am continuing to pray for you. Stay well, grow in strength and know that you are loved.

  • RC, thanks for your encouragement, it means a lot. I hope things are going better for you at home, I am very concerned about the stress you are under and how it could affect your health. You MUST get control over this soon, please......



  • Ramonita,

    There is a DSW shoe store less than 2 miles from where I live, next to the Aventura Mall. I've been there a few times and your right, gorgeous shoes.

    I'm glad you are enjoying your time with your children. Broward General Hospital is a really good one, I like the way they have renovated the outside.

    As for my mother, yes, I took her to do her labs and she got her flu shot, then we stopped at The Fresh Market so I could buy a salad for lunch. I did 2 loads of laundry for her and made sure she had her shower, I also changed her bed sheets. Thank God for painkillers, I don't think I could have done any of it without them, sad but true. My mom saw how bad I was struggling but I insisted on finishing everything, it had to be done. My sister came home after being in hospital for 8 days and now she has a very bad upper respiratory infection and fever so I am the only one to help my mom right now, as my brother and his wife are too busy with their lives to offer.

    Ramonita, I will pray for you also. Love and healing prayers to you,


  • Notshy/Elaine , it is a Lovely thing to do, to look after your mother a lot whilst you are not well also, i think she will appreciate your help very much and knowing she means a lot to you by doing those things are really nice, You get to spend a lot of time with her also and even though you're looking after her you can have very fond memories of her too.

    Just remember to spend time on you're self too and make sure you relax also as everybody needs a bit of me time, and to stop rushing around for just a little while and take a breather, I hope you have a good weekend, and enjoy some of it at least šŸ˜ƒ

    Perhaps you could take a walk on the beach with your mom or something? šŸ˜ƒ On a day when things are not so rushed.

    Blessings and love Bee X

  • Good morning young lady well i didn't get to to tell you a story last night i had a rough evening so glad to see you doing better your probably going to be little stiff today but it will work out quick since i didn't get much done yesterday its make up day ,i have got to go to the pharmacy this morning and pick up my meds ,i have weaned off everything except my stomach med and my head ace med ,i have tried several times own my stomach but i can not handle it and have tried all kinds of natural things but nothing has worked .

    I was going to tell you about that i have seen 2 or 3 people die from the same problems i was having but the doctors keep treating them for heart problems cause nothing ever showed up when my pain would start its like someone inside my chest trying to knock their way out with a sledge hammer and it would last 2 hours one time i even got the gun out that pain is so bad and pain meds done nothing sometimes made it worse . I had five scopes done and probably that many cardiograms checking my heart if not more and finally a doctor up in Kansas i had a attack and Brenda took me to emergency room and they fixed me a cocktail run a tube down my nose in to my stomach i hate that they got out over 1 gallon of acid but they done another scope and he came in there and showed me the picture there you problem .

    The valve in the first stomach were it dumps into the second was 98% blocked and he told me to quit taking every thing and be own a soft food diet. But at one time when this started i lost 45lbs in 2 weeks i like to of died then but i didn't and i got over it but i still have to take this med protonix 2 a day.

    This all started when i was down with my back for nearly five years and i was taking pain medicine a lot i have a high tolerance to pain meds what and how much i take would kill a lot of people LOL

    But what really messed my stomach up was ibuprofen i take a lot of aspirin and have since i was 12 for the migraines i take goody's head ache powders 2 and sometimes 3 at a time and i started mixing these ibuprofen with it to give it more knocking power but that is what screw my stomach up,not the aspirin my body had adapted to aspirin over the years and every dam doctor wants to treat or blame the aspirin but anyway i got to go to town.

    But with what Ramonita was talking about and might be having problems with i know it is very painful but they kept treating me for my heart but everything was fine my blood pressure and cholesterol but i have been threw H*ell with doctors they even told me i had a heart of a 20 year old that was about 7 years ago but one thing i lost during that time is i can not drink milk or dairy products and i love milk but it makes me sick and what did i do last night is fix me potato soup guess what happen did i tell you i am a little just a little hard headed LOL Got to go Later

    You have a good day pretty lady Love Ya Tooter

  • Hi Tooter,

    I know about Protonix, it is a mandatory thing in the hospitals hear where I live if a patient is admitted for more than 24 hours, they are given Protonix and ALSO, I'm told they are now giving Lovenox injections as a precautionary measure against blood clots. I HATE those shots, they hurt like heck and leave bruises for days. My sister found out when she was in the hospital that she has stomach acid real bad too, but also Rheumatoid Arthritis. My family seems to be going through so much but they don't handle things as well as I do because I really believe they just forget to ask for Spiritual Guidance.

    Yep, doctors say aspirin is the culprit but interestingly enough, my sister has been taking large amounts of pain meds like you were and you both end up with stomach acid? Maybe it was the pain medicine. Her husband is like you, a very high threshold for pain medicine and he is also a recovering alcoholic and addict but a GREAT guy. I am closer to him than my own brother who I never hear from. My mother said to me yesterday that she feels sad and wonders how our family went from being so close to being so far apart. My brother hardly ever goes to visit her or call her and he lives less than 15 miles from her. I see and feel the sadness coming from her and it hurts me to see this.

    Angelbee is right, I KNOW my mother is enjoying our time together and to be honest, so am I. Since my cat died I don't feel rushed to get back home, my mom lives in a beautiful condo overlooking the water and has a huge pool right at waters edge. This time of year is nice to sit out by the pool because of the ocean breeze. She wanted to watch Oprah yesterday because they were going to discuss 30 year old Virgins. There were 2 lovely young women and the topic of masturbation came up and my mom shared some funny stories with me and so I did with her, LMAO, talk about mother/daughter bonding........we were both laughing. She said I'm her only child who makes her laugh and that she feels relaxed with me. My sister makes her feel stressed because we never know when she is going to go off on someone in a public place.

    BTW, Tooter, I LOVE potato soup. You can make it with Lactose free milk ya know.

    So today I will rest and look at some other threads. Y'all have a good weekend.

  • Aww Elaine that's nice spending time with your mother šŸ˜ƒ I wish i could be like that with my mum too, but i guess i will find others to have a relationship connection like that with.

    mmm, i never take tablets i hate the things, when i am ill i usually put up with the pain, even with tooth aches, when i was little i use to have asthma but mum wanted me to stop taking the inhalers cause they were making me worse so i did, and eventually it calmed down, and i even took aloe Vera plant stuff drink is really good for you, the only medicine i would ever take would be cal pole and that would be for just minor tooth aches and stuff.

    even if i am really ill i don't think i would have taken any tablets, even if my mum kept nagging at me, they just make me feel more sick, I had to take some ibuprofen for tooth aches and after i got a filling in my tooth done, and it was bad for my stomach kept playing up with taking it, yuck i didn't even finish the bottle i had to take a whole bottle for a week from just having a filling done in my whole in my tooth, and i refused to take anymore as it was making me feel sick.

    Disgusting stuff.

    Anyway gotta go now also, Elaine have fun with you're mom i would love to have a relationship like that with my mother. Love and Blessings Bee X

  • Hi Elaine and Tooter....thanks for the chastise :)....I'm a bit of a worrier and would hate to overstep my mark with my enthusiasm sometimes....I do get carried away ;)....

    I have been subscribed to Butterflgris on Y/T for long time, sadly I missed that one, but maybe there was a reason for it!....I probably wouldn't have had the big profound feeling for it has I did now, don't get me wrong I would have LOVED it, but the meaning of it is so much deeper for me at this time...

    Your stay with your Mother sounds like such a big beautiful healing for you, and also for her šŸ™‚ it warms my heart to read of your stay with her near the wonderful "healing waters".....I'm SO there in spirit with you Elaine:)

    Warm Healing Thoughts, Smiles and Energies to you!


  • I just read that Blmoon is leaving the site and I'm very upset. I want her to leave if she's happy but I feel that all of the reading requests have overwhelmed her and they are so needy sometimes. This doesn't help when she has her own issues to deal with, sheesh.

    Blmoon, if you read this just know that so many of us here just want you hear for your presence, not for readings. ((BIG VIRTUAL HUGS))

  • Elaine, For anyone who has doubts that prayer can aid in healing, one can just look at you.

    Although I may not have put the words in writing, you have been in my prayers and thougts, since I first read of your circumstances. We have spoken of our pets in the past. May you continue along your path of improved health.

    Brightest Blessings, Kath

  • Hey Elaine, hopefully the comment blmoon made, meant leaving that thread she has been helping that person for such a long time...and not the site...

    sending you lots of warm thoughts and prayers..I feel like my posts are getting burried ,i hope you are geting my prayers sweetie,



    peace,light,love,healing and laughter being sent to you always nutty nut cous...love ya

    rest,rest,rest when you can..

    from your younger sis... hehe

  • oops pic to big try another hehe

  • Elaine I feel your frustration I jumped right on the comments as well and posted a Blmoon we love you thread just in case. I would hate to see her leave us but you are right she is drained often by those of us in need, I'm as guilty as the next guy. We are so blessed to have her wisdom to guide us. Good for you for standing up for our pal Blmoon. Hoping your gumption comes with some added spunk and feeling better too. Know that we love you too and are continuing to keep you in our prayers. Soak up that light of love my friend, you deserve it.

  • Hi Elaine i need someone who i know for sure is real to talk to i am frustrated or more to the point P*issed i don't like games ,you know Elaine you help me more than you know its a crazy afternoon .

    But i am so glad you are enjoying your time with your mother and able to help her ,my mother kept us all at least own speaking terms but after she died and even right before it all started falling apart its sad you know when i went to the reunion and i said i helped that brother fry fish i told or ask him i said i will have to come up and let you show me how your catching all them fish and he didn't say anything the only time they have called me since daddy died 4 years ago was i had to sign papers so the estate could be settled and that's it of all my brothers and sisters none have called .

    Sorry Elaine just letting things get to me and i know better ,i am glad you have a good view there in the morning i plan own going and setting with the birds so we can help the light ,my grand son came over had to fix him a tangerine ,ok what does BTW mean ? LOL anyway if i dont hear from you this evening have a good night and sweet dreams Love Ya Tooter

  • BTW, means by the way.

    Why are you p*issed?

  • Leogirl (Kath),

    I know how you feel, sometimes I read a thread and keep that person in prayer but don't seem to find the words to blog about it, it's okay. Thank you very much for your thoughtfulness and I hope things are going well for you.

  • Well pretty lady i had all this wrote out for u i hit the wrong button time to go to bed but every thing is Ok i will tell you tomorrow about Sweet dreams and if you dream you talked to me you did i will explain later but sweet dreams and i pray the Angel is holding you tonight in his arms and giving you comfort Love Ya Tooter

  • Nope, no dreams Tooter. Just a restless night for me.

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