• Hi everyone as some of you know notshy2bme has left the tarot board, but I have been in contact with her...I got an email from her today, this is what she told me.

    "I got some news from my doctor that the hiv virus has affected my brain and there is nothing that can be done. This was always my biggest fear and now it has come true."

    I won't get into notshy2bme's (Elaines) history of the whys, because she has been brave enough to share her story.."So it won't happen to someone else."



    Peace,light,love and healing being sent to you Elaine.


  • May God bring comfort, peace and love to notshy2bme during this most difficult time. I am speaking without knowing the whole story but I know that this disease is terribly destructive, I am so sorry to hear that Elaine is suffering with this. We can pray for healing for the strength it takes to fight with all her might, for miracles. May this glorious light surround notshy2bme, may it fill her with hope, bring her peace, surround her with our undying love and admiration as she takes each day as it comes.

  • Sending love and hugs to Elaine. Thinking of her and I also reiterate the things RCdreamer has written above.

  • Sending prayers and pink healing energy for Elaine, RC i hope you dont mind i have taken some of your words because i couldnt have said it better myself

    May this glorious light surround notshy2bme, may it fill her with hope, bring her peace, surround her with our undying love and admiration as she takes each day as it comes.

    My thoughts are with you Elaine God Bless

  • My love for you. by me of course.

    Poem for all my friends 🙂

    You light up my world

    When im feeling Blue

    Your courage and wisdom

    Always bring's me through

    The night's feel cold and long

    But your here with me in my mind im Told

    Be strong my friend, your fears will descend

    The love you take will not come to an end.

    If the feeling is true

    and you know that its strong

    Its deffinatly Love, you can not go wrong.

    So my dear one, what i am trying to say

    Is cary this love that i have for you

    Day after Day

  • Sending my healing prayers to you Elaine 🙂

  • That was beautiful AngelBee

  • Father God extend your loving and healing hands to Elaine today! Fill her with your light and love and uplift her spirits father. We know you to be a doctor in the sick room, there is no diesease or problem Lord that is too big for you, we are together father asking that you bless her right now Lord with your grace and mercy in this time of her need. We believe that nothing is impossible for you and we call her healing done In the Name Above All Names! Amen!

    Sending Light and love to Not to shy to be me, now!

    God Bless!

  • Unite together and ask Arch Angel Raphael for help!

    Archangel Raphael

    Raphael is the patron of healers and those in need of healing. This mighty Archangel is able to fearlessly move into what ever area is in need of healing, bringing a host of Angels with him to accomplish this. It does not matter what we are facing, Archangel Raphael is there with us helping us to open our hearts and minds to the healing power of Spirit and the Universe. This Angel works with and through all sorts of healers and counselors, anyone who is willing to open up to the energy of the Higher to bring peace and healing to others. He assists us in being a catalyst for healing while not taking on or empathing what is happening with those we are serving. This allows us to be both clearer channels for the healing process as well as insuring we do not take on the problems or issues of another.

    Archangel Raphael's name means " God Heals". This Angel represents the ability contained within each of us to heal ourselves if we can shift our consciousness into a state where we truly believe that Spirit has gifted each of us with it's vast creative and healing powers, Spirit held nothing of itself back when we were birthed into the Universe. Archangel Raphael is the overseer of all healers be they alternative or allopathic. The Person who teaches school by day and offers counseling support by night to friends and family is being a channel for Raphael and as such is under his protection and guidance. We are all healers for ourselves and each other, whether we go through training to practice a formal type of healing or whether we simply respond as needed when the occasion arises, we all should be aware of how we are supporting the healing process of others and remember to call upon this archangel to support ourselves lest we take on the problems and issues of others and make them our own. An illness or issues can be absorbed into our energy field and repeated exposure can create a fertile environment for these same problems and issues to grow in out own lives. One can prevent this is simply upon calling upon this Archangel for protection and guidance, to offer what healing we are able to and then turning it over to Raphael and Spirit for continued resolution.

    Working with this Archangel offers protection both for the healer and the person seeking healing. When we are ill or in the midst of a serious issue or problem, this leaves us open and vulnerable to all sorts of psychic intrusions and thought forms that can blow the issues completely out of proportion and what started off as the sniffles can turn into something more serious. Likewise a minor financial problem can suddenly blossom into a huge concern. Raphael reminds us that it is not up to us to figure out how to heal ourselves and others, it is our duty instead to call upon him and the Universe to guide us through the healing process, to allow the power of Spirit to flow through us as hollow bones. Likewise we are not responsible for anyone's healing except our own. I have known many healers who became burned out and frustrated, doubting their path because the people they were drawing to them seemed to making little to no progress. They felt responsible to set things right for these people and the rest of the world instead of understanding that they can only be the catalyst for healing. It is up to the individual to accept the healing. Yet we can also call upon Raphael to help ourselves accept the healing that he is trying to give us each day. We never have to go through the process of learning how to receive on our own, but always have the mighty presence of this Angel working for us!

  • Night’s sky

    By bee for my lovely friends, and thanks LivingonaPrayer glad you liked it.

    Stars and the moon come out to play,

    They light up the night’s sky

    After such a glorious day

    The coldness and darkness comes rolling on in

    The night my friends has no ending or beginning

    It has such mystical power

    By we don’t know how much

    The stars above us

    Look like little snowdrops

    When we glance at the sky we are filled with such owe

    How we know that there is just no such law

    But in the end my friends this brilliant sky, is something

    We all love, and cannot pass by

    Angel blessings and healings for you Elaine.

    bee x

  • the best medicine-forgive and forget instantly all hurts done by both parties to each other/misunderstandings.the older should lead an example to the young.

    stop acting&dramas.go to him and love him, take care of him.stop neglecting him.NOW


  • May you be surrounded



    loving silver wings

  • Dear Heavenly Father

    accept our heartfelt prayers and wrap Elaine snug and safe within your healing light. Give her the strength to believe in the unlimited possability of your healing touch. Miracles abound everyday under your watchful eye. Please interceed one more time and prove nothing is written in stone on this earth that you and your multitude of angels and guides cannot heal. I ask all Spirit healers and doctors serving you from the other side to guide Elaine to receive the best medical advice. Give her the strength to live each moment without fear---to keep her vibration out of harms way. Angels who serve, please keep her loved ones close and calm their fears as well. Dear Elaine, you are in our prayers--feel the love! See and feel the blessings we send. Believe in miracles. BLESSINGS!

  • Thanks Shotzie!

    Dear Elaine,

    I can say it no better than those who have posted before me. I'll only add that the strength and courage that has brought you this far has been wrapped in the purest, most visable of loving light. Tonight, I will focus my energy and send you comfort, peace and blessings of the highest order. In the meantime, hold kitty close ....


  • This post is deleted!

  • notsby2bm

    i pray that jesus christ, place his hands over you from head to toes, may he heal you totally,

    through jesus christ may his father, the almight god pour his holy spirit over you to make you free of pain, may a miracle of god happen, may you be bless, now and always.




  • I am a little lost for words right now, my nutty nut cousin he-he...

    Your strength and courage has brought you to live with this horrible disease...You have beaten the odds "ELAINE" and now you will continue to battle again and WIN!

    All my love is being sent through this incredible universe, may you BELEIVE AGAIN, this to will be a battle won, not one, not twice,not three times.

    I know that you have the will to fight, "please do not give up hope..."

    Peace,Light,Love,Healing being sent your way



    "I learned that courage was not the absence of fear, but the triumph over it.

    The brave man is not he who does not feel afraid, but he who conquers that fear."

    Nelson Mandela

  • Hugs and hugs and more hugs to Elaine and to her family as well, sending you some sparkly white light to make you smile and maybe even laugh since laughter is the best medicine.

    x Sheelagh

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