I am really lost

  • Hi Captain,

    Appreciate all your thoughts. He 2/12/63, me 5/27/66, met as a fluke beginning of June and had a wonderful repoire and connected and began falling for each other quickly. He caught himself sooner than I ....and commented that he had to as he couldnt stop thinking about me, and there were extenuating circumstances at the time.....I tried to be patient and wait things out, but patience not being one of my strongest suits, eventually I claimed the life of our relationship (probably wasnt the only cause) but here it is September 13, I am still crying, no contact at all from him. Where has he gone .....in his mind with me? Of course, my moon is conjunct Pluto and Uranus, who could blame him.....but we had it all. He said many things to convince me our feelings were not one sided.....I have sent emails requesting not a return to the relationship but just how could he turn his back on our friendship......all unanswered. The last communication from him, Aug 19. I wish my tears would end. Thank you for your help. We were communicators on every level, finishing sentences, always touching just to be in touch, he made a big push to go get me, then just this. I miss him so much. Will he come back? He is due first to have his moon be squared by Pluto then Venus. I feel like he feels nothing. Thank you again for any help. Stunned.

  • This relationship is not favoured for love. You two tend to compete for attention. Although you are attracted to each other, your relationship can be torn apart if either of you depend on the recognition of a third party who might be involved here. Should you totally accept and feel fully appreciated by each other, your competition might abate but it will rarely disappear altogether. You two may be crazy in love at first, but may end up feeling rejected and dejected. This downward spiral may perhaps start with the kind of picky judgmental criticisms of which you Geminis are so capable. If your friend is not strong enough to check it, this habit can reach the point of becoming intolerable for him.

    Sooner or later, your more sensitive friend will lose his patience and acceptance of your more vigorously assertive personality. His insecurities will emerge and his trust will be withdrawn. Meanwhile, you may be completely unaware of the catastrophic effect you are having on the relationship. It is often only when affection is withdrawn or transferred to another, that you will wake up and realise what you have lost.

    Overall indications do seem to imply that your friend either got fed up orelse went back to this third party. So it's very unlikely he will return to you.

  • Thanks Captain....I really am in mourning....his Jupiter opposed my moon, and helped to distance my poor moon from Uranus and Pluto.....he was patient initially...I just asked for reassurance....as he drew away. It was more to the third party than just my assertiveness, but I did not help matters any. Thanks again.

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