Asking for reading regarding divorce and income

  • Hi - I have a bunch of questions that I am hoping someone might be able to take the time to check out for me. I don't expect all of them or any of them to get answered, but if anyone would take a shot, I would truly appreciate it. I have asked my pendulum for answers but that's tricky because reading for yourself, there is always bias. Thanks!

    #1.) I work for a county hospital and we have had to take furlough hours. The wages of the professionals in my group are substantially below that of other insitutions, making hiring and retaining staff very difficult. My question is will my group (and therefore myself) get a substantial raise in the next 15 months?

    #2.) My husband and I are in the middle of a prolonged divorce, with him having moved back in so that I can pay off some substantial debts that were incurred due to the divorce, things breaking in the house, etc. He has made himself comfortable and taken over my oldest daughter's bedroom. She has taken over my yougest daughter's bedroom and my youngest daughter sleep with me.

    My question is: Will he move out when the debts are paid - either back to his condo or to somewhere else - will he pursue the divorce? WIll it be a legal separation at first or will we wind up staying married and living separately?

    #4.) When he does move out, will he pay me enough support to stay in the house and take care of the youngest daughter and part time with the oldest daughter?

    #5.) I think that there is someone I know who likes me a lot. Am I right ?and will he approach me

    before the end of the year about maybe doing some casual fun things?


  • Turtledust, I feel this man will always take the easy way out and want his own way, even if it means imposing on others. If he feels too comfortable living with you, then why would he want to move out? So you may have to make life uncomfortable there for him. I have to wonder though if a small part of you doesn't like having him around for security and company, even if he is a jerk? It may be your own deeply hidden desires that are keeping him tied to you. I feel this guy has gotten used to riding over you and for you to give way. This is the time to get strong and hard with him. He won't want to pay you support - he is all about himself. Standup and really fight him this time - with your whole self, not just part of you.

    As to the hospital where you work, I think things will get worse before they get better (a long time away). The admin there feels very negative and rigid in their thinking to me. I feel cuts will be the order, rather than raises.

    Yes there is someone who is interested in you but he also senses how stressed out you are and won't approach you until your cares have been lifted. He is a bit wary of taking on someone else's baggage as has happened to him before

  • HI Thanks captain - as always - you are right on about the husband. And it is true - it is a habiit.

    largely due to finances. And I am afraid you are right about my job. And we are in for another wave of housing foreclosures which means the county will take in even less taxes and the administration will be they even less willing to pay us more. Baggage - whose got baggage? I say as I zip me and my backpack into my suitcase. 🙂 Guess I can't go to the beach or riding bicycles hauling all this stuff around.

    Thanks a million again. TD

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