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  • I'm looking for some advice. I dated someone for several months last summer, and it was different than anything I had experienced previously since my ex husband. I have been divorced amicably for a year and a half, though separated for 3 years now, having originally gotten married very young. After I asked my ex to leave, I dated a lot of different men casually for fun, because I had never really done that when i was younger and wanted to see what was out there.

    After about a year and a half of dating, I met this man who I immediately knew was different that any of the other guys. It was like we had known each other forever, and the first date lasted about 3 hours but felt like 3 minutes. He is more shy and reserved than me (his bday 8/24/64) I tend to be more outgoing and impulsive (my bday 11/22/68) We really clicked though and I instinctively knew he felt the same way. It was easy and effortless, and I even found myself thinking that this could be something long term. However, we each have 3 kids and exes, and some things got in the way that I felt uncomfortable about and so I ended things - did I mention I happen to be impulsive? Interestingly , this happened on July 9th 2009 during an eclipse.

    I immediately regretted it, and he told me he didn't really understand what had happened, so we briefly saw each other again a couple of weeks later, but it still felt different and strange to me and so I let him go "for good". I have never stopped thinking about him though, and we have communicated occasionally over the past year as friends. I started seeing other people, though every time I liked someone something random would happen to make we question it - one time I broke my wrist on the way to the date, another time a minor car accident, another time I lost a precious ring I loved, and I would see signs everywhere that reminded me of this man always in the back of my mind. He had and still has no idea of any of this either. Then, we randomly ran into each other exactly a year to the day we originally met. I decided to call him about a month after that, and we met for a drink on July 3rd of this year, interestingly between eclipses once again. We ended up staying out talking and laughing again for about 3 hours, though I could tell he was guarded, and he stayed out late even though he had to get up very early the next day. At the end we said goodbye, and I told him it was so great to see him and I always had fun with him and missed spending time together. He agreed. Since then, we have had a couple of friendly text contacts, but nothing more. I am actually seeing someone else (3/4/65) who I care about but this other man remains in my head as well. Also, my moon is conjunct his South Node in Capricorn, which I figure is why we have always felt so comfortable together. So my question is: is he open to trying this again? Is it even in my, or our best interest, or should I just let him go completely with love and light. I have no plans to contact him again, and my life is blessed in so many aspects that I am and know I will be fine either way, I am just trying to understand why this has man has had such a powerful impact on me in a relatively short period of time. Thanks in advance to anyone who reads and responds to this!

  • This man has an "uncanny" touch. His magnatism is not just with you. Some people have that effect on others. They are born with a magnatism. It is why he is guarded as he is aware that people latch onto him--want to get closer--even strangers. It makes it hard for him to really trust attractions. Also he gets sucked in by those who gather his energy and he can't say no. He doesn't always trust himself--he is drawn to people but also fears the attractions he attracts--specially needy people. His gift for charm and magnatism gets him in trouble when he is tempted to use it to his advantage when he shouldn't--he has lacked responsabilty in the past--an issue that worked against past relationships. People with magnatism must learn not to use it to avoid having consequinces. I think your attraction yet mixed feelings come from your higher self picking up that despite the pull there is an element of caution. Spirit advises walking away from this temptation. A reconnection will come in the future and by then you will see him in a public setting by surprsze and he will look different to you as if more is revealed. Blessings.

  • Hi Blmoon. Thanks for your insight. It is interesting that you point out that he is guarded because needy people latch onto him. That tends to happen to me as well. In this case, he pursued me the entire time, which tends to be the case with me, and his realizing I didn't need him was probably one of the reasons why he was so interested. While very social on a casual level, I am extremely independent and guarded in forming close attachments. Perhaps the fact that we are alike in that way added to the attraction, and is also ultimately why I chose to walk away.

    I am curious if you can tell me more about our future chance meeting in a public setting that will allow me to see him in a different light because more will be revealed? Also, can you tell me about anything you might see about the man I am currently seeing? (3/4/65, cancer rising) I am 11/22/68, leo rising. Thanks in advance!

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