Can I have a reading, please

  • Could you please tell me what's going on in my love life, he's dob 25/01/1969, mine 30/11/1957 is there any future for us? Thank you very much.

  • A love affair or marriage is not especially recommended here - when passions emerge between you, so does acute instability and nervousness. Such a relationship carries few guarantees that it will last, a fact underlined by its frenetic pace and at times its lack of good sense. There is a dignity about this relationship however in which personal worth and honour are given the highest consideration. You two share many of the same or similar values so you have little difficulty communicating with each other. Responsibility is the keyword here - written agreements are rarely necessary between you two since your given word is law. Once you agree on a course of action, you proceed with steadfastness and determination.

    To bring you to this point of agreement however is not always easy. Although you two may respect each other enormously, you may not be prepared to entrust your futures to such a relationship, nor to commit yourselves to it with your full force. You Cent30 may suspect your partner's motives, while he is wary of what he sees as your aggressiveness. Quarrels can arise over who is to be the boss and you may disagree on how to implement your plans and goals. There is affection here but also lot of suspicion that can make being together uncomfortable and difficult.

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