My Pisces Man

  • How do I know if he loves me? I want him back but I don't know how 😞

  • Hi,

    The only way to know if a Pisces man really cares about you is to point blank ask him if he does! He will appreciate the honesty, or you tell him you will cut him out of your life if he keeps acting like he doesn't respect you at all - only dis-honest people treat nice girls like you like fools,you are not just a puppet, you honestly care for him, all of him, even the parts of him that piss almost everyone else off...he won't meet many people in his lifetime like you, so heneeds to let you know if he wants nothing to do with you, so that you may feel free to give youe love and loyalty to someone who appreciates it, and gives it back to you, freely.

    I don't know your sign, but what I have seen true about most Water Signs(Cancer,Scorpio,Pisces) is that they are very passionate IN THE MOMENT and can quickly veer off in some other direction...which is excting at times(They are fabulous lovers...sigh) and can make you feel at peace with life in general...but to go long term, you must resign yourself to the fact that Pisces must always feel that his thoughts,feelings, and opinions are more importent and carry more weight then everyone else...if he's gotten you flowers, or jewelery,or cooked a meal for you, then you know that he truly does care...if he has not done any of these , he does not love you. get him back by being totally hot and sexy, and pretend that you are not as into him as you are,,,its tricky to pull this off,,,


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