Is it break up?

  • I have very confusing feeling about my dear friend Pisces Monkey....

    He moves to a new address but did not give me the new place, call but very rare and cut short and each time when we meet he is sad. He was extremely closed to me and connected just few weeks ago. I asked him honestly if it is a break up. He told NO, just need a time apart. But the way how he acts I feel that he is gone... It would be the best for me that we cut right now as I could feel that I can be in the better place.... But what if he really needs a time apart? What should I do? Will be my pain of separation from him easier right now if I just decide myself that it is break up and let him go all together with my thoughts and hope? Waiting for something that may be does not exist put me down

    I will be grateful for any advice...

  • The TAROT card was LOVERS for my situation... which means that I am faced with a choice, one that challenges my ability to trust yourself. I have to use my intuition. If I go within and am honest with myrself, I could make the appropriate choice. However if I am just fooling around, it could turn out to be a costly decision.

    Am I fooling around?

    How can I trust my intuition? I always live with the logic!

  • Well, my intuition tell me let go.... Logic tell me do not make hasty decision... but let everything go slow without waves without any regret and do not look the past

  • The Lovers card does imply a choice. if the card was in reversed, then it's indication to let this guy go and for you to move on. if it's upright, then you should not give up.

    I think you are being emotional right now and it would be good for you to calm down. do not make any rash decisions, just leave this be for now.

    your intuition and logic do work together. sometimes you will feel pulled in another direction. when that happens I usually wait it out. the best course of action is to do nothing.


  • Dear IndependentGirl, Trust your instinct, go with the feeling. You will not be in turmoil, you are not fooling around. Let go with love and grace, and move forward. This will bring him back eventually

  • Ms Sunny,

    Thank you for your advice from all my heart. You are right I need to calm down first....

  • Light-en-dark! Let go with love and grace that what I should learn right now! Love and grace is a key! Thank you.

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