• Captain,

    I meet a man on September 4th, he came out of no where. The stars that evening we so amazing, he even commented he's never seen them that bright before, it must be because we meet.

    The connection is so strong it scares me half to death. We are starting a long distance relationship, so we have no choice but to take it slow and steady.

    We both will never get married again... But willing to give this relationship a fair chance...

    What do you see?

    His birthday is 11/23/56, mine is 4/8/62.

  • It's good that you have decided never to marry, as marriage is definitely not recommended here. This relationship usually gets off to a brilliant and precocious beginning, but as time goes by, boredom and a yearning to be free of the rigors and exigencies of everyday life sets in. It is a relationship that demands a great deal of inventiveness and free-spirited play if it is to last. Traditional concepts of commitment will not work here.

    You two are better off not allowing your friendship to evolve in a more personal, physical or romantic direction, when it can turn combative. Disturbing emotional elements can surface in love. You may not be able to form the deep emotional bond that your friend requires and he may come to see you as self-centred. Your friend can show autocratic tendencies at times that will arouse your rebellion. He will admire your directness however, and your energy and ambition, particularly in the professional sphere. You can teach him how to further his career, being just the catalyst he needs. Together you two can build a solid financial partnership.

    There is more than a bit of the aristocrat in both of you and you are united by a common admiration for a sophisticated lifestyle. You both know something about power and may enjoy sharing it in the form of money or property. Variety, and a deliberate restraint of a tendency to tie each other down or limit freedom, is key here for success. Long distance is probably the best way to make this relationship endure. Daily living together would prove disastrous.

  • Thank You.

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