Cancer Man / Leo Woman

  • I am a Leo woman who met a wonderful Cancer man 5 months ago. We got along great, excellent chemistry and he was extremely affectionate when we were together. Almost immediately he started talking about making me his girlfriend, but then I wouldn't hear from him for a few days. When I would ask him if he'd lost interest in me, he'd reply Of Course Not. While his behavior was rather strange, I just attributed it to his work and other responsibilities. A month later, at dinner he was especially affectionate, and asked me to be his girlfriend. I said yes and was looking forward to finally starting a normal relationship with this man. I didn't hear from him for a few days and when we finally got connected he talked about mundane things. I sent a letter letting him know that he was acting oddly and that I didn't understand why he would act one way in person and completely different when he wasn't with me. He said that I was right, that he had behaved insensitively and that he was incapable of being in a relationship. He said he knew I cared for him and that made him run - it always does.

    I know he's been hurt in the past, but it was hard for me to deal with this. We stayed connected by text messages and an occasional phone call. We got together a couple of times (lunch & movie and a concert) - and again- he was extremely affectionate and wonderful to be with - but again would drop out of sight for apparently no reason. Finally I sent him an email telling him what he meant to me and asking him to trust me. He never responded to the letter, and in fact has cut off all communication with me. Does any of this sound typical of a Cancer male - or is it likely just an issue with him?

  • He is wasting your time.

  • if the love is true, no matter what happen, you two will be together for good

    have faith in cosmic destiny


  • i know u don't know me and i don't know you but ican help you with this situation. Iam also a cancer man and i don't like 2 say it but this is typical behavior of cancer. i'll explain we may not act like but we are very sensitive especially when it comes 2 r hearts, and it is hard 2 trust people with them. The reason we usually run from people who say they care or a serious relationship it is honestly because we're scared, scared that if we take there we may fall for you and later get hurt by this partner who we thought loved us. That pain of being hurt by love is alot more painful for us then it may seem. I had the same issue with a leo woman much like yourself that i was getting close to i developed feelings for her and wheni really felt the feeling was mutual and she wanted to take our friendship 2 the next level i ran from her. Its crazy bcuz that was what i wanted from her but an insecurity that i had mad me refuse 2 believe that she was really sincere but know 3 years later i regret not taking that risk bcuz i later found out that she really cared 4 me and i could have had something good. You just have 2 do something that will make him think ok this girl has 2 love me 2 do this but thats something you have 2 figureout if you really want him back. But trust me if he really has or had feelings 4 you if you don't get back together he will regret it but he may never let it show becuz he doesnt want 2 seem weak and may not reveal it until he is shore about thew way you feel about him regardless i hope things workout for you what ever you decide 2 do.

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