I am confused about the canswe man i am seeing!! help..

  • I have been seeing him for a year and a half, he is a single dad, and i am a single mom. I understand not having that much time together. He has stated thet he really likes me but does not want a relationship now. Our time together is very special, he seems to surface for a week and then disapear for three..??? I just dont know if i am being used or is this his way of compartamentilizing...sp... his life, which he did say that he does when I first met him. I just have such strong feelings for this man and I am confused.. please help..

  • Star- please don't hate me,,, but my cancer man (single dad , etc) told me the exact same thing when I met him as well. only we dated/had a short relationship.. I hope you don't live in Upstate NY!!!...LOL. J/K... Although I am sure he is busy, just as you are, it's also his way of retreating.. not having to deal with anything or make a decision.. and you know what? ( At least in my case---) I allowed that !! He still calls/texts me..but if you 'just want to be my friend' why do I hear from you now morre than I did before??? I guess the point I am trying to make is, I though I had feelings for this man too. I'm sure on some small level, I did. However, are the lack of communcation, time, trust -not to mention other men who would probably treat you better really worth waiting for something who may oneday want a relationship??? It's your choice honey, but I just hope that you are keeping your options open... and your chin up... good luck!

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