Is there relevance with us

  • I would like to know if this guy and i are soulmates or what the comsic relevance is for him to be in my life?

    11-12-1982 kansas city, mo

    6-12-1981 st louis, mo

    PLease help!

  • This can be a good longterm matchup. The primary challenge here will be to structure the relationship around stabilizing yet engrossing daily activities. You Meper are a water sign and your friend is air, but the relationship itself is ruled by earth, in this case standing for work and application. If your bond is weak, you two will drift and dream uncertainly; the more grounded your relationship is, the stronger your ties will be. You two may play all kinds of mental and physical games with each other. Like con artists, you often try to persuade or manipulate each other in subtle ways, without revealing your true intent. In this respect, you are an excellent match for each other. Perhaps firm ground rules should be laid, however, to keep this tendency from getting out of hand.

    Instability can emerge in this relationship, making the need for structure all the more apparent and vital. You Meper may find a love affair with your friend exciting and attractive, but should you decide that this guy is not in fact good for you or is even working destructively to undermine the relationship (whether consciously or not), you won't hesitate to move on. This will baffle your friend, who will wonder what he has done to deserve such treatment.

    Marriage here carries a high risk of breakup, but the seriousness and responsibility it involves can also help rather than hinder, tying the knot more securely. Your friend tends to be a bit of a rebel and may lack your superb organizational and directorial skills. He can also get very bored and restless if things are not working out the way he wants them to. He will need much more space and flexibility than you are perhaps prepared to allow him. He loves to talk but you are not always the most forthcoming of people, even downright secretive, and both of you have a fear of expressing your feelings. This matchup can work out if both parties don't expect too much from each other. Daily responsibilities will need to be fulfilled and your activities must be firmly grounded. Take the time to care for each other. At its best, this relationship can be structured, exciting and persuasive. At its worst, it can be deceiving, manipulative, and unstable. Whether it is supportive or eroding is up to the pair of you.

    You Meper have a strong need to be in control and also to protect yourself, and your friend depends heavily on logic and analysis and has a need to be detached or to appear always cool, calm, and collected. You can both withdraw when things get tough or too emotional. Neither of you deals well with your feeling side. Because you Meper have such difficulty with this, you can get overwhelmed by an experience of passionate love that can become an obsession. You must balance your natural realism and practicality with your more emotional, empathetic side. You must learn to develop more sensitivity and come to understand that true intimacy involves nurturing, supporting and expressing affection to your partner.

    Your friend should work harder to develop more warmth as he often feels lonely because of his aloof stance. His relationship choices - both personal and business - are based on logic rather than following his heart or intuition, with sometimes disastrous results. If he can become less mental about his relationships and more intuitive, the quality of his connections with others will vastly improve. He has an adventurous side that causes him to take more risks than most, yet there is a danger he will fail to develop the depth of perception and emotional connection his lifepath requires of him. His challenge is to attach himself to someone or something. He can overthink or overwork problems to such an extent that he loses the capacity to act upon his deepest impulses and feelings. As you can fall prey to depression, so your friend can suffer from disillusionment and cynicism, and an over-indulgence in mental gamesmanship.

    I wouldn't say you two were natural soulmates. The relationship is more a learning exercise in opening up and sharing your emotions. A love affair or marriage here will not be easy but, if you can both express your true feelings and avoid games and manipulation, there is a good chance that this relationship can succeed.

  • wow how right you are on the characteristics of us both! thank you for yout time in doing that!

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