Mercury is Direct ?

  • Hello !

    I've been reading posts about this but can someone explain to me when this will occur in british times please ? Or is it already in process ? I'd like to access some more info on it pleeease as both my boyfriend and i have been feeling so lethagic and kind of .. i can't even explain !

    We were feeling quite out of the loop with each other since thursday but today we're back to our old selves again.. just about. I'm still feeling very tired and loss of motivation 😧

    But feel the need to want to express my feelings to him, however i'm too tired !

    Ps What are Karmics ties ??

    How does this affect us ??

    If anyone with some free time and energy could provide me with information,

    I would appreciate learning from you sooo much !! Thanks loves !

    x ❤ x ❤ x

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  • Thankyou watergirl18 for responding !

    Ahhh hopefully by midweek ..

    Do you know of the effects in mercury being direct ?? x o x o x

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