• Watergirl18,

    Can you please do a reading for me when you can.

    I would like to know about my love life, if anything good

    is on its way, its long over due.

    Where I live it is a small town and hard to meet people.

    If you do see a man in the cards for me, can you please

    give me a description.

    Would really appreciate if you would do this for me.

    Thank you


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  • Watergirl,

    Thank you for that reading.

    I am working on getting over a man, I am doing better than I thought, I know I am stronger than I think, at the same time I am human and and the hurt comes and goes.

    If I can ask one more question, do you think this man who is being distant me will try to come back to me?

    I was told on this thread that I should be hearing from him in a week, will he decide to tell me its over?

    Thanks again, I really appreciate this..btw DOB 3/18


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  • Watergirl18,


    Deep down I know the truth, just needed to have it validated.

    I will do whatever it takes not to go into a depression, (the worst is over) I know

    I will get through this and I was supposed to learn something from the situation.

    The only problem now is "I Never" want to feel rejection again, and my heart is really closed, it will be very tough to "TRUST" again. A crab goes into its shell and a fish will swim away.

    Thats my pity party speaking.

    You take care of yourself and keep doing what you do so well, I see how many people you help,

    and that is wonderful.


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  • I know you are right.

    Just feel like a failure when ever it comes to matters of the heart.

    I will be okay, I have my 2 girls what more can I ask for, life can be

    a little overwhelming at times, But I NEVER complain about what I have gone through or my responsibilties being a single mom, I count my blessings everyday what I have,

    I know I can't have it all.

    The Love department will just have to wait a VERY long time now.

    Time will heal me, I am DETERMINED to get through this.


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  • Okay you win!! LOL

    Would this sound better, I am not ready to give my heart away right now, but down the road, I will learn to trust again and open my heart. I do feel better writing this.

    I went outside to do some thinking, the weather is gorgeous, being out in nature appeases my soul, (so does music), but there was no music......... anyway,

    I have decided if cancerian man contacts me, I Will tell him lets be friends, I don't like grudges or confrontation, and as I just told someone else, its not his fault either that this didn't work out, it is what is, see, thats part of my healing, to forgive, sometimes I just need to regroup and not be impulsive and get all defensive, and I will be strong enough not to go back to that situation, if he decides friendship is not good or doesn't want that, that is his choice.

    I will allow good things to come into my life, and I hope some day, I will understand there was a reason I was supposed to go through this.

    I can tell you are a very kind hearted person and also very compassionate too!

    If you look back at one of my threads, I mention to Ms Sunny about all these love heart rocks I have found in my garden, and today I found another 3 Heart rocks. These are signs to me, they seem to appear everytime I say I give up on love. Yesterday, I went for a hike in the hills and sure enough there was a beautiful big heart stuck in the ground (I took a picture) this is definately telling me something. I think it is a HEALING HEART......

    Please know, I am very GRATEFUL for what you have done for me, it won't be the last you hear from me and any good fortune I recieve I will always pay it forward!

    I also like to put a name on one of my heart rocks when people do something good for me, and Watergirl18 you have earned your heart............


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