I am a capricorn guy with libra girl

  • Okay, here is the story, about a months ago I meet a girl who is starting at University as a junior from abroad, and I met her soon after she came to my town. Initially I have no thought of any kind of relationship with her first time because

    1. she has a boyfriend from the country she came from although I believe that relationship might not be stable as my later investigation supposedly reveals (Lot of jealousy, misunderstanding etc).

    2. Her age, she is only 19 and I am 32.

    She called me first asking me to show around town and we three of us (with her friend) had a pretty good time and she was extremely impressed with the way I showed her around and gave me a genuine thank for it.

    I have been seeing her on average of 2-3 times a week ever since that time for various reasons. She is quite social and also being new in town I had to assist a lot to her giving a lift for settling down.

    Whenever we meet we carry a really good conversation, I am darn sure she is not deliberately flirting with me but I am certain she definitely likes me a lot.

    She wears inexpensive but quite sexy without being too vulgar, but that no way tells she is a loose one. I am, as I said although I thought too old for her age, but I do dress at least 4-5 years younger than my age with semi-expensive, colorful and expressionist style, drive a luxury and has a nicely set up apartment, those definitely seemed to factor for her. (don’t get it wrong I ain’t using my hi-style as a trap net, in fact I never bragged about about my lifestyle, and she never asked me to treat me in any occasion).

    Being a Libra, she occasionally talks a lot about her outside appearance, dress and hair without, we actually went to the biggest shopping malls around the area and spent a day there, and she is very imaginative and romantic. We have done a lot of things together that couples on a date would do., we went for a fine dinner, chocolate store, movies, walking in downtown and both of us truly enjoyed it.

    I am a capricorn man, and I am kind of hesitant about this relationship and I am finely weighing all the outcomes and options and trying to be in control, but as the time goes on, it is hard or even impossible to keep my feeling toward her suppressed this way.

    As I said we had so much of a good time, no question about it both of us enjoyed. On the other hand, I suppressed myself from holding her hands, hugging and/or kissing her as I don't want to make a wrong impression of her. I would really like to figure out, if she is really want to have a relationship with me and or just wanted to keep me in a good companion.

    I also googled about the how to seduct libra women :)), most eye catching statement says they are very flirtatious without intention of being in relationship and or sex. So before one committing my first kiss, one has truly has to find out with utmost care for certain that she is in love with you and once you decide to make a first kiss make sure it is the finest one.

    Therefore I would really like to ask you guys, ESPECIALLY OTHER LIBRA LADIES, how I should go ahead in this situation. Should I press ahead for her or just keep her as a very good friend. Because I like her so much, I just dont wanna hurt her feeling anyways by physically advancing her if she has no intention of having in a relationship with me.

    How could I reveal if she has a feeling for me or just like me? If you re libra woman, how would you give other man a signal that you have a feeling for her. Preferably, I recognize a long and gazing stare and or other touchy gestures as most vivid go-ahead signal, but I doubt if she will do that to me.

  • i am a libra woman, as far as i know most libra woman prefer to hear the truth. why dont you just ask her how she feels about you and the relationship with you? the only problem i see here, she is too young to know what she is doing. if she has a boyfriend maybe you can ask her what kind of relationship she has with him, and also what is she thinking. just be honest , it works with most libras good luck

  • Big age gap... You should tell her how you feel that is the only way you will find out, although she is too young for you and not grounded, if there was a relationship it would soon burn out because she is in another stage in life, she seems flighty , the card that represents her is the fool.

  • if the love is true, you two will be together no matter what happens.

    be brave.tell her what is your feelings towards her.u never know.

    gud luck


  • What's wrong with just being friends for the time being? Get to know each other before pressing the commitment button. As a Libra, I myself dislike dealing with men who want to control things, money or people, and honesty like the first Libra stated is the best policy. 13 year difference is okay when both are truly adults.

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