Captain, advice on how to communicate with my angels

  • Hello Captain,

    i want to be able to communicate with my angels with out confusing the MSG as wishful thinking anyadvice how to? also If you are able to communicate with my angels, what advice do they give me for this moment of my life?

    Also, on my karma status.

    my DOB 1/26/81

  • You have the best guides right inside you - your inner wisdom and intuition. Listening to your gut instincts will help you in any situation - you don't need angels or anyone else to tell you what to do. You know deep down what you should be doing.

    Sweetoty, you are a brilliant, far-out thinker but you suffer from distraction, disorganization, and absent-mindedness. This lifetime for you is all about choosing and identifying with a principle or point of view and to understand who you are by putting in discipline and determined effort to dedicate yourself to a chosen field of endeavour. Your challenge is to release your tendency to become bored and restless and to settle down to studying a craft/calling in order to know the joy of being an authority on a particular subject. Focus, focus, focus and concentration is your mantra for this lifetime. Once you get past your deep need to feel the acceptance of your peers and show that you can work hard to get somewhere, you will receive all the loving energy from others that you crave. Make sure you ground yourself and surround yourself with a stable support group.

  • thank you captain 😃

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