• My im a gemini with moon in virgo and venus in taurus and my rising sign is virgo as well anyway im curious what sign would be best for me im usually attracted to cancer men but it seems like i mess up one time with them and they are thru i tend to like a man that will control me idk why ..........

  • Well you're an air sign, my daughter is also gemini, and the other air signs are Libra and Aquarius. Try one of those. That is my suggestion.

  • What's your birthdate?

  • thanx tonib....hello the captain my bday is june 5 1987

  • also some places say my rising sign is aries so im not sure

  • Your best matches were born -


    • Aries (weeks of March 25 - April 18)

    • Cancer (week of July 11 - July 18)

    • Cancer/Leo (week of July 19 - July 25)

    • Leo (week of August 3 - August 10)

    • Leo/Virgo (week of August 19 - August 25)

    • Scorpio (week of November 12 - November 18)

    • Sagittarius (week of November 25 - December 2)

    • Capricorn (week of December 26 - January 2)

    • Aquarius (week of February 8 - February 15)

    • Pisces (week of March 3 - March 18)


    • Taurus (weeks of April 25 - May 10)

    • Gemini (week of May 25 - June 2)

    • Gemini/Cancer (week of June 19 - June 24)

    • Virgo (week of August 26 - September 2)

    • Virgo/Libra (week of September 19 - September 24)

    • Scorpio (week of November 3 - November 11)

    • Capricorn (week of January 3 - January 9)


    • Aries/Taurus (week of April 19 - April 24)

    • Gemini (week of June 3 - June 10)

    • Cancer (week of July 3 - July 10)

    • Virgo (week of September 11 - September 18)

    • Sagittarius (week of December 3 - December 10)

    • Capricorn/Aquarius (weeks of January 17 - January 30)

    • Pisces (week of February 23 - March 2)


    • Taurus (week of May 11 - May 18)

    • Gemini (week of June 11 - June 18)

    • Cancer (week of July 11 - July 18)

    • Leo (week of July 26 - August 2: good business partnership, and also August 11 - August 18)

    • Libra (week of October 3 - October 10)

    • Libra/Scorpio (week of October 19 - October 25: good business partnership)

    • Scorpio/Sagittarius (week of November 19 - November 24)

    • Sagittarius (week of December 11 - December 18)

    • Capricorn (week of January 10 - January 16)

    • Aquarius (week of January 31 - February 7)

    • Aquarius/Pisces (week of February 16 - February 22)

  • TheCaptain ,

    Thanx alot! But could you explain to me why a Cancer man whos bday is july 6 1988 could only have an affair i love him but i feel we have drifted apart i wonder is it over?

  • He's under the Friend list which means romantic love would never work out between you. It's over - or rather it never really was.

  • Hotvirgorising, you are gifted with charm, frankness, and dynamism but sometimes you can be overly exacting and repressed. You have a strong desire for self-expression but it can often manifest as a critical attitude of both yourself and others. You must learn how to identify and communicate what you are feeling in a positive, relaxed, and honest way. You have a fear of appearing unsophisticated or foolish which may hold you back from trying to make friends and instead you may seem to come across as snobbish or sullen to others. You must learn the value of giving up the rules and releasing your need to order the world before you feel safe enough to be yourself. Ironically, you tend to form relationships with people whom you want to change or reform. But we only have the right to change ourselves, nobody else. Your somewhat defensive attitudes and your need to win arguments at all costs only does you harm. Once you understand that your tendency to be hypercritical is the projection of a poor self-image, you can learn to relax more and embrace the great variety of people and experience that awaits you. The best approach is to attune yourself to the natural flow of things, letting things happen rather than trying to force them to happen. Relaxation is probably the most important thing for you to learn on your life journey - you can be a workaholic when it comes to career matters. You need to play as well as work.

  • Wow its over .....but i love him 😞 whyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyy cant it work (sorry if i sound weird but i cant get over this man ) ........anyway your totally right about me especially the part when u say i need to release my need to order the world before i feel safe enough to be myself .......thats so right about me what is it that makes me and him doomed in marriage because noone can make me feel the way he did or at least i dont think they can

  • sorry i meant to put TheCaptain at the top

  • Of course, you will find someone who makes you feel as good as - and better - than this guy did.

  • TheCaptain ,

    ok thanx for replying ughhh well why does he keep coming back what does he want from me ..................?

  • He likes you as a friend but doesn't want to be your boyfriend as such.

  • but why doesnt he want to be my boyfriend when i love him

  • You can't expect other people to always fall into line with what you want.

  • Are you a psychic @ the captain?

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