Why do i push everyone away?

  • Im a gemini sun ....a virgo moon.....virgo is my rising sign also ...and my venus is in taurus and for some reason i push everyone away nobody seems to be able to get along with me for that long and i feel i have no genuine friends in a weird way im fine with that i dont really trust people anyway i guess im just curious whyyyyyyyyyyyyyyy wtf my intentions are good i would never hurt someone intentionally i feel guilty i care i get sad im human but why do people treat me as if im so funny why dont i give them that deep vibe because i spend most of my day thinking deep scary thoughts like what if noone attends my funeral what if i never find love what if i die alone how will it happen when where then i just block it out and think to myself forget everyone who needs them long as i have money thats all i need ......but really i want love well to be in love i get so close to it then it dissapears i just pushed a cancer with moon in aries and venus in gemini away i totally rejected him when in reality i think i love him but i think he is gone TEARS! Can anyone give me some advice or any kind of insight astrologically speaking ...thanx!?

  • hotvirgorising,

    because of your moon, you are thinking yourself a virgo, that makes you too serious, as a gemini-sun would be, your friends see you as a virgo too, because of your rising sign, so your gemini sun is still hidden, even for you. discover your gemini-nature, that means, discover your playfulness and easy living.

    These are the qualities which should be expressed by you: non-competitiveness, non-ambitiousness.

  • thanx hanswolfgang but .....non compeitiveness non ambitiousness? im none of those things to start with im kinda of cynical

  • I know a leo girl who sounds just like you, i love her very much but she keeps everyone at a distance, i have tried to show her i do really care for her but she still keeps distant.

    I really don't know what to say to help as i have not made it the leo girl yet but if i ever do and find anything that helps, i'll let you know.

    Hopefully someone can help you sooner :).

  • I'm thinking...Oh! a cancer male

    he might find you intriguing and want to spend more time with you, to see why you're pushing him away.

  • hotvirgorising,

    non compeitiveness non ambitiousness? no.

    Life up to now has been corrupted by ambition. There is no other poison which is more potent than ambition because it kills you and yet keeps you breathing. Ambition turns you into a vegetable, and the lure of ambition is given to every child with the mother’s milk. From the very first moment your whole life is being based on principles of destructiveness. Nothing destroys more than ambitiousness.

  • what/how have i been corrupting my life? i have much to be thankful for, but still yearn for something else. i seeem ro be stuck. any insight would be helpful. 8/3/68 8:25 am

  • hanswolfgang ,

    Wow i mean i do wish to be rich famous or wealthy i want to be able to do whatever i want ....so what are you saying thats wrong for me to think that way? Wow one time when i was younger and got a physic reading she told me my life is being guided by signs ....sigh......but i guess i dont see them i live a pretty easy going life kinda everyone says im spoiled but im not well not to me hmmm are you sugessting i live care free? If i let go of my ambiousness i will feel less than because your right my ambitousness gets me nowhere because im not doing anything about .......???

  • ......it

  • Hanswolfgang ,

    Principles of destructiveness?????

  • LEO1968,

    what/how have i been corrupting my life? by denying yourself self-love and self-acceptance.

    any insight would be helpful: you are dominated by the will power of a man.

    Once you are free, then all dimensions are there,

    open; you can travel on your own. And to travel on your

    own is so beautiful.

    Have you watched little children? When they start

    walking, if you want to hold their hand they are not

    willing. You are trying to be helpful, you are afraid

    the child may fall, but you don't understand the

    child's ecstasy. You are destroying his ecstasy by

    holding his hand. He would rather fall but be on his

    own. And what is the harm if he falls once, twice,

    thrice? -- he will learn how not to fall. Simply watch

    so that he does not move into some danger. Otherwise,

    if he is falling just on the plain ground and not into

    an abyss, there is no need to be worried. Let him

    learn, because it is better he falls and learns how not

    to fall. Then your watching will not be needed; then he

    can be left alone even by the side of an abyss.

  • hotvirgorising,

    so what are you saying thats wrong for me to think that way? no.

    are you sugessting i live care free? no.

    If i let go of my ambiousness i will feel less than because your right my ambitousness gets me nowhere because im not doing anything about .......??? no.

    Principles of destructiveness????? You have been told – by parents, by teachers, by priests, by neighbors, by all these so-called well-wishers – that you have to become somebody special, important, powerful. And money gives more power than anything else, because even the politicians are commodities in the market: you can purchase them.

    In fact, every politician is sold into the hands of the super-rich. But the super-rich person is the poorest on the earth. He has succeeded in being important, in being powerful, but he has lost his soul. Inside, there is just emptiness and darkness.

    Why does it happen? What is the mechanism of its happening? Ambition is a ladder, and you always see somebody ahead of you. It is competitive. Your whole mind is continuously thinking of ways and means, right or wrong, to reach higher than others. And if you are cunning enough you may succeed, but in the world of ambition, success is the ultimate failure. A man becomes alert and aware about the failure only when he has reached the last rung of the ladder. He has wasted his whole life in search of being higher than others, holier than others, richer than others. And now his desire is fulfilled.

    Cursed are those people who reach the final stage of their ambition. Their ambition has been their dream day and night – and it is not easy, because everybody else is also trying for the same success. But by the time you have reached the last rung of the ladder you are in for a great surprise and a shock, because there is no longer anywhere to go and your whole training in life has been just to compete, to fight. It is no ordinary competition, it is cutthroat; it does not matter how many people you destroy. Your eyes are fixed on a faraway fulfillment.

  • so what should i do

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