In love with an aries

  • I am a taurus woman in love with an aries man. Please help me understand him...he is so hot and cold. sometimes I feel amazing, but lately he has been pushing me away...

  • When we were young, I used to always push my now husband away. It took several years for him to be able to get through to me and convince me that I could "settle down" and marry him. I am still a free-spirit and curious about everything, even 20 years later, but his love is strong enough to keep the home fires burning and always keep me interested. (He is a scorpio--lucky me!) I don't know if most aries tend to be this way, but I see everything around me that I want to experience and sometimes commitments of my time are the most costly of all and most infrequent for me to offer up..... because "so much to little time.." philosophy, unless it is something/someone who truly fascinates me, and can hold my attention. It took me a very long time to believe that "he" could love me enough in all ways to allow him to put that "harness" on me and domesticate me.....but he never gave up and I am so thankful for that. One of the big things that won me over was seeing the lenghts to which he would go for me, and always knowing that he not only loved me...but admired, respected and needed me.

    I doubt that helps at all... but that is my experience. I hope you find your answers, my friend.

  • actually it does help. i am doing my best to be supportive of him and his ventures...kind of letting him be so to speak. But still letting him know that I care and admire his work ethic and dedication to what he does.

    thank you

  • Sounds like you have all the bases covered perfectly, then. ❤

  • Aries are free spirits. Don't try to control your Aries and give him the support he needs and you will be blessed in so many ways because an Aries will love you strong and completely if you capture his heart by letting him be himself.... I know... I am in the most loving and and amazing relationship with an Aries man. I just had to let go of control ( hard for a Scorpio, but possible)and I've never been so happy in my life.

  • It has been my experience that they will do that when they begin to realize that their feelings are stronger for a person then they would like for them to be. It is their way to defend themselves from getting hurt. My husband, an Aries, did this repeatedly as we would go through the levels of intimacy. He had been crushed before with his first wife and was very afraid to love again on the deep level that were headed to. I would like to say that it ceases, but it is something that we discuss and laugh about it now as his walls come up and down when life raises a challenge to us.

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