Captain Please Need Your Epertize

  • Hello,

    My husband 4-17-52 has been looking for a new postion in which he would not be doing chip design. He has been sending resumes since Feb of this year. My question is: Will he be offered a secure job with a relocation this year?

    I thank you for your time and effort on his behalf.

  • yes.he will

    gud luck


  • yes.he will

    gud luck


  • Thank you for taking the time to reply. He does have an interview and we are keeping positive thoughts that he will be offered the job.

  • Thanks Captain for letting me know you are unavailable to answers my questions.

  • Hi Shuabby,

    I haven't done any readings since last year because I've been dealing with too much of my own stuff. But, I want you to know when you first asked this question awhile ago, two states popped into my head Tennessee and Texas. I later read a post that your husband had a phone interview with a place in Texas so that may have been what I was getting.

    I do think there is opportunity for him in the south. North Carolina is also coming to mind, not sure if this is because he applied somewhere there as well. The states starting with T were my first impression.

    Wishing both of you luck!

  • Shuabby, I only stumbled across your question today because, when someone else answered it, it got removed from the 'Topics with No Replies' list which I always check. I don't have time to go through every thread post by post. So your thread got lost amongst all the other threads - I didn't see it. Do you still wish to know about the issue?

  • Dear Manisfest Dreams,

    Thanks sweetie for taking the time to answer, you are right he has applied to N. Carolina. He goes for his interview in TX next week. So again you were correct.

    If you have a question, I would be glad to answer it for you.

  • Hello Captain,

    The question was addressed to you. Since others have answered you are off the hook.

    Have a good day.

  • Why are you radiating so much anger, Shuabby?

  • Hello Captain.

    No anger , just facts as I feel you are a person that understands plain facts and that is what I expressed.

  • No I don't feel you are expressing the plain facts at all. Why would you say I am 'off the hook' as if you think I didn't want to answer you in the first place?

  • Hi Shuabby,

    Thank you for the offer. You had said I will get pregnant in the fall. I guess I would like to know anything else you get regarding this. Do you get anything from the little spirit that is coming to me?

  • Hi Captain,

    You did answer a question I had about a dream. I know that you do answer questions. Just that in the above question asked, you waited to long in answering for whatever the reason being. I was disappointed as I know you are very good and gifted with your intutitive insight. The disappointment has faded away like a rainy day does and I let the sunshine flow through me with the new day, so that I can do my spirititual work on the highest mental level I can give.

    Thank you for your response and Don't Worry Be Happy comes to mind to give to you.

  • Dear Manisfestdreams,

    The lIttle spirit coming to you is your guide and you already know that. It feels like a joyful happy one waiting for a name. Are you wanting twins as I feel this may be a possible? A girl and a boy are coming in here, happy children almost like angels and very intutitive.

    Keep us posted with updates.

  • Thank you Shuabby.

    I was pregnant with twins 2 years ago but lost them at 12 weeks. That pregnancy was through an IVF. The loss was due to fibroids. I was told they shouldn't have done the IVF on me with the fibroids. I've since had them removed. I had a natural pregnancy last year that ended in an early loss...not sure why.

    I thought that I might try 1 more IUI, but because a family emergency came up, it doesn't look like I will be able to. So, now I'm out of money and losing hope. But, I did have a psychic that saw the twin pregnancy last year say that I will get pregnant naturally this fall. And you and one other psychic on here said in the fall. So, I'm praying that it will be naturally because I think I'm out of options.

  • Shuabby, I fear you have upset yourself for nothing because I wasn't 'waiting' to answer you. I never saw your post until now because someone else answered it in my place and so it got bumped off the forum radar as being answered.

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