Touching Base for a Bit of Advice

  • Hi all: Perhaps I could ask for a reading or advice. As you all know, I am learning to deal with extreme changes in my life. There is an opportunity which will involve a firm commitment both physically and financially. I feel I move forward with this but am fearful of change, failure, and perhaps the consequences of poor decision-making. I must live with my decisions and make it on my own.

  • dear stm

    do not fear.grab the change with enthusism

    gud luck


  • Thanks.

  • Change is always scary and difficult and yes, there is the option of failing. However, if you don't take a chance, how will you ever know whether you could do it or not? Leap of faith here! I was layed off from my job this year, decided to go back to school since I had an opportunity to get free education and yes, financially, it will be rough because my wages are decreased substantially but I'm doing it anyway. I think gettting an education is very important and I wasn't into taking the opportunity in my younger years. As a single mom with two teenagers and I'm now 46 years old, it's very scary taking this option in life but deep in my heart....I know it's the right choice. I'm not going to worry about tomorrow, today is all I have. As with any new adventure, you need to put one foot in front of the other and work on today. Don't worry about tomorrow, don't think about yesterday and what you could have, should have, might have done. Do the same for the future. You have today and today you've made a decision to change directions in life and if you embrace the change, you will succeed. Blessings...

  • StMichael,

    I ask for a reading: you are depressed now, your thoughts are putting you down.

    or advice: love life and love your method. This ensures a strong and natural security to say completely yes to life in all its dimensions trusting the free and rhythmical growth of nature. But without that you see in every growing towards light new threats approaching you.

    -- and I say to you, this is absolute nonsense. It

    will happen if you are at a standstill, just because of

    the balance -- fifty percent joy, fifty percent sorrow.

    Naturally, you are neither joyful nor sorrowful. You

    will feel a kind of indifference, a dullness.

  • It's nice to hear from such kind individuals. I guess fear of the unknown can really inhibit our ability to move forward. Thanks for your help.

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