Can someone advise me on what a pendulum is

  • ive never heard of a pendulum... and how does it work with readings... thanks guys... jaffeebella

  • Normally a pendulum is use for tracking water and how depth is the water~ but using it in divination it can only answer yes to no question.. It varies to different ppl.. If the answer is no it would either swing anti clockwise or just a normal swing.. If it is a yes it would swing as a circle.. It depend on each indivual how the yes and no react.. U can actually try to use a pendulum.. I would say it is pretty easy to do.. Normal ppl would just ask a yes no question which they actually know the answer and then they proceed to the question that they didn't know.. For the fun of it u can try track ppl with that or move it in the direction that u want~~ lol~~ that's the only basic stuff that I know.. Maybe someone who are professional can advise u more~~

  • thanks for that... i know what you are talking about ive seen them, but never knew the name of them... jaffeebella

  • oh and i like a indebt reading so they would drive me nuts... not good for me in anyway... at least in this time of my life, im so much going crazy with all aspects, but mainly love... jaffeebella

  • Haha I see~ whatever ppl are doing, I often tell them to trust themselves more than a reading~ a reading is just a guide~ even though I love to explore this area but I wouldn't ask for a reading~ if you know ur own fate and u know wat is going on in the future why would I still want a reading~ it is a matter of choices~ =}

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