~Odd job question, help greatly appreciated!!

  • This is an odd job question because I am wondering if there is some type of promotion or pay increase in my future? Now it wouldn't be so odd but there are 3 owners of the company I work for and one director. Each store has a manager of which I am already a manager so in essence there is not really a way for me to go up the ladder unless I was to become an owner which is impossible.

    However I feel like the owners are "courting" me for something special but I do not know what. About a week and a half ago I got a few weird questions at work that should have definitely been taken care of by the higher ups however the callers insisted that I handle them. When I asked my boss the director if maybe his competition was courting me, he said I already worked for the competition. See the business as a whole is split into several different groups within the owners and the store I work for is ran by the operations director however the other group of partners actually owns my store. I also was recently asked to call one of our other store managers to give her some ideas and walk her thru since all the other owners were tied up. Yes that made me feel special and of course it has me wondering even more!

    I know this sounds complicated but I really feel like there is something more to all of this though I don't understand how. I had always told my director however if they ever needed a backup person I would be glad to help in anyway. I guess I am wondering know are they considering hiring me for some sort of back up position? Would it involve traveling? We have stores all over the US but my car is shot so I am also concerned about that even if was offered a position that currently doesn't even exist would I even be able to do it because of my transportation issue?

    Any thoughts are completely appreciated!

    Blessings and positive thoughts your way!

    Thanks for having something like this in a forum not everyone has the money to hand out when they need help and honestly can't afford it! What a blessing!

  • Something else regardless is there any change of a vehicle coming up? I mean I don't even know where I'd get down payment money from but my van is just shot! I'm basically afraid to drive it for fearing it's a death trap! I am waiting on a deposit from a home but my van is really a concern to me!!

    Thanks again.

  • Haven't gotten any replies here yet, sad face 😞

    The director did call me yesterday however and gave me another store to call on! Hoping for the best! Would love a company car one day and more money!

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