Lenten Season

  • Hi, Taking some time off. Feel the need for prayer during this season. Praying for my own weaknesses, sinfulness and state of things in general. This is a good service here. Especially for those who need help w/problems--understanding etc. However, I feel, the best I can do right now is to pray. I will pray for the gifts of wisdom and understanding for everyone, besides just for the general intention of everyone. Prayer is a gift we are given.

    Have a Joyful Spring!!!!

  • Yes I have also been praying easpecially since the new season started.,Easpecially even before, because my mom has been in the hospital in the icu the past month and now she is in a Rehab getting better and stronger I Hope! I have done a lot of prayer this year,easpecially these past few months.Thank you for caring and for all you wonderful people do for all of us in guiding us toward good faith.

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