Will he give me his heart?

  • mine 12-17-61 his 12-18-57

    my life has never been the same since our divorce. our divorce was because of the evil and horrible things my husbands son 12-24-90 put our relationship through and our 3 kids through. my husband dicided to divorce and devote his life his his 15 yrs.old son problems. now the his son is 19 going on 20 in Dec. I see a chance a strong chance to reunite and working now. I have endured not dating, I've tried, but to no availe i just can't seem to find another that captured my heart like he did. according to our kids, he's been single too all 3 yrs.

    I am trying to win his heart again, and maybe have been all 3 yrs. apart. I just can't seem to get past the fact or wondering what life would be like together, with his son now moved out of his home.now, in my eyes we have a chance to really see how good it could be with his son drama gone and his sons harmful ways away from our children.

    my Question is: do you see him and i coming back together with my persistance in wanting to try again. will he truely love me like he did and can we start fresh together and raise our 3 children like a family fully in love and devoted like we once were, before his son interference?

    can anyone help me? i need to know, i've been alone a long long time. am i wasting my time or will my love 12-18-57 return to me 12-17-61?

  • he makes a better Father than a Husband. as for him coming back, it's very possible. as for him separating himself from his son, unlikely.. he will always be a father, and the son will always have his father. as soon as he finds out you are in the picture again.. the son will come back full force.

    This son/kid has a mental disorder... and the father/son have karmic ties..


  • Oh msSunny, That's been the story of my life with my x-husband, his son always distroys everything good. his son even sexually assaulted two of our kids. went to jail on 27 counts. his son has a no contact order on my children till they turn 18. so when custody comes up, on my x's day off i believe his son is with him and that' how his son control his father. can x can be very secretive, is he happy that i wait for him and i don't date?

  • mfcmauigirl>>>can x can be very secretive,

    sunny>>>> he is very secretive.. always thinks of himself first and foremost.

    is he happy that i wait for him and i don't date?

    sunny>>>>>not happy, not sad. and you are wasting your time.

    in his mind he is fearful of his son, so on one hand he is trying to protect you by keeping you at a very long distance. but moreover, he is thinking of his own peace of mind. they are like 2 peas in a pod. your ex hides so much from you. move away as far as you can from these 2 toxic men. very dangerous to have them around you and your children. your first priority should be your kids.

  • they will come back together.nothing can defeat karmic ties.

    mercury is direct.

    may God love us all forever


  • MsSunny,

    this is facinating. i have always felt my-x was hiding something from me.If i ever called him on it, he'd call me crazy and a trouble maker. what is it that you see he's hiding? he always accused me of fooling around which made me think he was. i really wish i knew the detail of what he is hiding. any clues? nothing can hurt me now, knowing at this point is better than not knowing.

    if my-x is protecting me from keeping at a distance, i believe that. he shows no signs of life to me.

    getting far far away: unfortunately, I have told him many times, i need to get out of here that i didn't want the kids to be around all these secret and fighting. unfortunately I have to have his permission and his signauture, we have joint custody & then it has to go to court, if I was to ever move far far away. He Won't Sign It!

    He even acts if, if he makes no money, and for three years now he hasn't paid child support, he is in major rears in child support. there's a lien on his house for that.

    So, my husband fears his son? hmmmm, i wonder if my x did anything in his past that his son is doing now. like, why are they two peas in a pod?

    sincerely, mcfmauigirl / marie581

  • yuyu78, they will come back together.nothing can defeat karmic ties.

    are you talking about my-x & I ? what do you see? friendship?

    mcfmauigirl/ marie581

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