Will he give me his heart?

  • mine 12-17-61 his 12-18-57

    my life has never been the same since our divorce. our divorce was because of the evil and horrible things my husbands son 12-24-90 put our relationship through and our 3 kids through. my husband dicided to divorce and devote his life his his 15 yrs.old son problems. now the his son is 19 going on 20 in Dec. I see a chance a strong chance to reunite and working now. I have endured not dating, I've tried, but to no availe i just can't seem to find another that captured my heart like he did. according to our kids, he's been single too all 3 yrs.

    I am trying to win his heart again, and maybe have been all 3 yrs. apart. I just can't seem to get past the fact or wondering what life would be like together, with his son now moved out of his home.now, in my eyes we have a chance to really see how good it could be with his son drama gone and his sons harmful ways away from our children.

    my Question is: do you see him and i coming back together with my persistance in wanting to try again. will he truely love me like he did and can we start fresh together and raise our 3 children like a family fully in love and devoted like we once were, before his son interference?

    can anyone help me? i need to know, i've been alone a long long time. am i wasting my time or will my love 12-18-57 return to me 12-17-61?

  • Dear MCF,

    You all have birthdays in December and so close in dates also. Cappies are very strong in ways and matters of the heart. You have waited a good while choosing to wait until his son was out of the picture, but his son is not out of the family if you understand what I'm saying. The son will change on his own terms and for the better as it feels like he needs outside help like re-hab and spiritual help in finding himself and his own purpose in life.

    Yes, there is a chance that your ex will return to you as he has fullfilled his duties to his son and I know he loves his son just as much as he loves you. When he returns you may want to move elsewhere and make a new start and rules of the house where children are concerned. You two deserve to have a good life just as much as your children do. Why do I feel the ocean around you? It would be a good place to live as it would be calming for you both.

  • yes.he will return to you.just be patient.the time will come

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