Traped in realationship!!!! Help

  • It has bean 2.5 years since i know this guy. i work in film industry, & i needed guidance to get started with my acting career. He showed up in my life, by promising ''stars & the moon" . At first glance he looked like he could help me, & i trusted him. My living situation was a problem, since i had no steady income, & i came to US from other country. He manipulate me to go & live with him, by saying that he knows lot's of agents & menageries, & that i should stay until my career is happening. during a stay with him, i started to notice his mental unstable issues. He was controlling my every move, & basically never had any connections in the industry. Every time i wanted to move out, he will find some BS to hold me in his place... " Economy is bad, U should not trust anyone, People out to heart you...". He made sure that i disconnected with most of my friends, who could possibly help. Not even mention, mental & verbal abuse...I started to loose my confidence & my direction. Everyday i wake up with a heavy weight on my shoulders. Everyday i cry , & feel like i have no-wear to go... Please help me to understand my situation, & find solution out of this situation!

  • Just get out of there - walk out with nothing if you have to, and find a women's shelter or church or your old friends that can care for you. This guy is a liar - he cannot help you or your career and will just destroy you. He is using you. Don't believe his lies any more. Get out now!

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