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  • Hi-

    I have been a reader myself, but being so involved in the situation makes is hard for me to be objective. I had met someone online that I was supposed to meet live as well. After a number of emails and chat we ended up in some absurd conflict over nothing. He got seriously upset because I searched his name online. I think I have done nothing wrong, because I had the right to know who he was. I am wondering if it is really over, or will he reconsider after he will cool off?

    Of course only time can tell, but can someone come in with some psychic help?


  • I feel he was afraid you would find something out about him that he didn't want you to know. Like he is involved with someone else as well.

  • Trust your first reaction to his adverse reaction--it holds the truth. Also trust your instinct to have checked on him. You did the right thing as online connections are so limmitted in how we can observe the person in life situations--you kind of did that and you found out he is paranoid. about something. Any mature man would respect you for being a smart woman --it merrits respect. If he really liked you but had no issues with honesty he would have used your checking up as an opportunity to say I really like you and you should know I did get a dui last year or some other not so proud info but a secure man would of just put it out there. BUT a man who doesn't explain why it angered him either has real issues in the control department or is horribly insecure about his past or worse--married. Whatever his truth he definetly needs a cooling off period to reveal why he got upset. I think you will hear from him one more time and your intuitive skills will kick in and he will reveal himself. Blessings.

  • i would be so nervous about someone being upset you tried to find out about him... i feel if he has nothing to hide he wouldnt of been so upset... id be very cautious of this man now, and maybe take a step back before meeting him... it really concerns me... jaffeebella

  • I agree the above wat they have said.. I will support the idea of checking up, you wouldn't want to end up in a relationship and later found him cheating on u.. It is not worth it.. And when meeting up the best is to test the guy before u commit into it.. If just because of that reason he isn't happy then u can forget about him.. When there is first time there will be second time.. I myself meet alot of online friends and some does have a relationship with me too.. Quite naive that I actually trusted them without checking and ended up I hurt myself even more.. Still online isn't safe place but there is some who is nice too.. We girls wouldn't scare no one want us, who knows the next one coming to your life is a better choice? We Chinese got a saying because of a tree u gave up the whole forest~~ =} anyway u have my support here~~

  • Hi;

    Thank you everyone for all your input. It turned out the guy did not lie about anything, and he was just rich. Still, his behavior afterwards was just horrible, with calling me names and even a stalker.

    It is clear to me that he has psychological issues. I am glad I ran the search, because I found a scary side of him. He kept writing nasty messages to me, to which I try to reply, but I was completely unsuccessful. The guy is very closed minded and only wants to hear himself.

  • Sounds like someone's got your back! You were well guided--no surprise! and he definetly is a control freak at the least!

  • Can someone do a love life reading for me- in general? I can do the same in exchange.

  • A lie by omission is still a lie and indicates a secretive non-trusting nature.

  • The guy was a nutcase this is clear. I received a message from gmail telling me he tried to use my email as one of his own and to automatically forward me emails.

    It is clear he wanted to revenge me. I can completely forget about him now.

  • Hi HPriestess - did you tell him you had looked him up or did he find out? Did you do one of those background check things, or did you just Google him? I am curious because I do that sort of thing trying to find old friends and such and I have had to run background checks on potential roomates. I don't see anything wrong with it myself. Also - how did he try to use your google address as his own? I don't get that at all.

  • I did not ran a background check. That is crazy.. No, i looked for his name under location he gave me. I found him as the owner of a big company. I did not have his address.

    I did not say google address, I said gmail. I received an email saying that he made a request to have emails automatically directed to my email, and that he declared my email account as one of his own.

  • Oh, no I asked him if he was the guy I found out about. So, he would never know, if I would not have asked. He lost it when I told him too bad he is not as successful in his personal life as he is in his business.

  • here is some of their msg.

    The Gmail Team

    has requested to automatically forward mail to your email


    If you do not approve of this request, no further action is required.

    cannot automatically forward messages to your email address

    unless you confirm the request by clicking the link above

    and then it says if I want details on why I received the msg to clink on a link. I did and there is said that he completed a mail form with my email as one of his emails..

    it is clear he wanted to send me junk or viruses.. as he also sent me a link on chat with a virus. When I confronted him, he said his computer is doing that automatically. Yeah, right..

  • HPriestess, I feel that in love you can be easily deceived because you rely on your brain to figure people out rather than your intuition. Logic and analysis may work in business and daily life but not in romance. I also feel you can be very rigid in your opinions and beliefs and sometimes ignore other people's good advice by believing you are right. You need to become more flexible in your thinking - your way may not always be the right way. Listen to what your friends and family are telling you.

  • Captain... how did you come up with all this? I tried to date him "blindly" for about 10 days and he did not want to reveal too much about himself I had to check on him. "Ignore other people's good advice believing you are right"- What advice? I know when I am right, just as I know when I am wrong. "Flexible in thinking"- I m very flexible in thinking .. I always analyze things from different perspectives, not just my own. I have a lot of life experience, and at this point my way it is the right way. Captain, you are very wrong on your assumptions of me, and I do not know how can you make such affirmations without even knowing me. I m psychic so I do rely on my intuition, but it comes a time when a reality check is needed.

  • I expected such a reply. You have just proved my point in that you always think you are right. If you are indeed always right, then your life would be perfect and you would not need to ask for advice here, would you? Please relax your inflexible beliefs and behaviour, and really listen to what people are telling you - they are only trying to help. You are right however in that you really do need a reality check. It's not a weakness to admit you can be wrong now and then. Your world will not collapse around you if you acknowledge that you don't always know the right thing to do and that someone might know better. That's how we learn and grow. You must also allow other people to have their own beliefs - even if they are different to yours. I have seen from your posts here in this forum that you don't like other people to act, think or believe differently than you.

  • HPriestess

    I feel your lament--being psychic does not give us a free pass to perfection. I've been psychic since birth yet blind to my own shadow many times and it's easier to see in others what we can't see in ourselves. I cringe now a much wiser age and wish I knew then what I know now. Luckily I did have a trusted psychic for ten years whom I paid to read for me at least once a year--and she was always right--sometimes it took years for me to get it. Now I have learned to hear my own higher voice that sometimes come out of the mouths of strangers or angels unawares--as it is true the univesrse does send us all we need if we just know how to listen. I feel two issues that trouble you one is specific to your nature--you have a restlessness that challanges you. Stillness is not easy--you like to keep the wheels turning--which some people interpet as over thinking things. It is a relief valve for all that feeling that comes with being psychic. This I can relate to---being psychic takes more effort to stay grounded--we can at time lose ourselves in a psychic world of feelings and intuitions and attractions and vibrations---emotions run high and sometimes in our youth we get overwhelmed with this and begin a pattern of distractions--usually in the love department--it is a safe refuge to get lost in the safety of lovingly connecting to men. Unfortunetly it never is enough because soon as we move into the reality stage with one we get restless and start feeding a new distraction by connecting our energy to a new man out there. It feels good--I've been there. Unfortunetly it makes us too dependant--like a drug and then there we are riding out this restless life of constant uncerteinty--that feeling translate into always feeling like somethings missing! No matter who we connect with it is never enough. Spirit shows me the word SELFRELIANCE. This is your challenge at this time. Not an easy thing. But it will set you free to find love without feeling restless. I pulled a card for you and it is the INNER POWER card. This does echo the SELFRELIANCE card. Sirit says you have all you need but can't have it both ways. Believe in yourself--spend your energy on yourself and trust yourself. You can not ask for help to just anybody and then feel strongly offended because you already know the truth. Believe in yourself or don't. Take your power back by not looking outside yourself for what's missing. No man has that power. You must be happy with yourself. Use those spinning wheels to visualize your dream life---but living alone. All the money you needed. But living alone. What would you do--how would you enjoy yourself? I promise you if you use your psychic power to envision your selfreliance it will open a door and that man will come knocking and it will last--icing on the perfect cake. BLESSINGS

  • Hi HP - that is so weird - all you did was look him up and find out he had a business and he lost it? that's weird. The email forwarding thing is weird too. You went out with him a few times

    or so before you got the inclination to check on him? It's good that you checked on him so soon.Some would not have even gotten suspicious or would have denied that there wa a problem until it was too late. A little story - I was looking for a roomate. This handyman needed a place to rent for 3 months and offered to redo my kitchen cabinets for me in exchange. Instead of letting him in my house I offered him a job doing my bathroom floor. THe first week he was working on it I got this weird feeling and I mentioned it to my babysitter and my husband. When my husband met him, he said -"he seems like a nice guy to me" I said - "no way - he's weird." I then had to do a background check on him anyway. While I was waiting for the background check. Things got weirder. I found out some stuff I didn't like at all and wound up firing him before he finished the work and telling him never to come back to my house. I learned that I have to pay more attention little voices in my head. It was a wake up call as to how long I have been "isolated" from society in my marriage and how much less street smart I am than I was 20 years ago. (Or maybe there are just more wackos running around on the street than there used to be). Makes me want to crawl back in my suitcase now - with my baggage. It's "safe" in there. Lucky you caught him when you did. Could have been way worse.

  • HP - sorry - I see that you were communicating on-line and I guess you never met him in person. That's even better. At least he's still just a bunch of electrons somewhere and you won't have to risk running into him. (we hope).

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