I am in Traped realationship...Help!!!!!

  • It has bean 2.5 years since i know this guy. i work in film industry, & i needed guidance to get started with my acting career. He showed up in my life, by promising ''stars & the moon" . At first glance he looked like he could help me, & i trusted him. My living situation was a problem, since i had no steady income, & i came to US from other country. He manipulate me to go & live with him, by saying that he knows lot's of agents & menageries, & that i should stay until my career is happening. during a stay with him, i started to notice his mental unstable issues. He was controlling my every move, & basically never had any connections in the industry. Every time i wanted to move out, he will find some BS to hold me in his place... " Economy is bad, U should not trust anyone, People out to heart you...". He made sure that i disconnected with most of my friends, who could possibly help. Not even mention, mental & verbal abuse...I started to loose my confidence & my direction. Everyday i wake up with a heavy weight on my shoulders. Everyday i cry , & feel like i have no-wear to go... Please help me to understand my situation, & find solution out of this situation!

  • He is abusive and trying to drag you down to make him feel better about things. He is no good and things might get worse from there. You have to find a shelter for abused women and get out of there before it gets worse. I will pray for you to find a way out of there and get the REAL help that you need to help yourself and start your career. If you love yourself; you will leave him...soon.

  • Do you have family or get back in touch with your friends? Is there anway way you could leave when he's at work or taking care other things? Try to get back with family and friends. Please, just ask them for H E L P......

  • Thank u guys for reply...i am trying my best to get out of this situation!!!!

  • Let us know how your doing ok?

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