Please please, I would really appreciate your divine insight here ! <3

  • My d.ob is 27 / Jan / 88

    His is 02 / May / 87

    Dear loves

    I need to know what is going on here. Where is this heading, where can i take it ? What is the purpose for this one, and is he being sincere with me ?

    I will reallllllly appreicate any insight that anyone can give to me, please.

    Love reading or spirit help.. anything ❤ It ould truly mean a lot

    Thankyou soo so much in advance !

    Love, x

    x ❤ x

  • He will want to please you, because he likes your honesty & drive, but will be caught in the belief (and might be right) that the two of you are too young to devote at this time. Although there will be times he may get swepped into the comfort, romance, or familiarity of having you to call, because you are so good at being there, you may want to keep it light, at least for now. I understand that may not always be what you want, but you don't want to scare him away. He's the guy you can be friends with for 2 years & all of a sudden your lack of interest, (not absence, though) or passion for your creative endeavor, will awaken an awareness that will egnite his desire for you; but at this point, if you have to ask, he is not (at this point) the one. Be selfish & share your experiences, =with him & us! Besr.

  • @Authenik thankyou soo much !

    Yes he seems to want to please me always, and i shy away a lot but after some space, i always come back around. He too is like it, but not as much as i. I just get nervous at times, but i do believe that we will always be friends no matter what 🙂 (currently however, he is both my friend and my boyfriend)

    It is infact the other way around here .. i'm kind of scaring myself away, maybe.

    He says that he knows he loves me. And as for me, I am keeping it light on my part because i feel he is rushing and may not be feeling what he says or misinterpretating infatuation for love,

    I wasn't too sure of his feelings.. but i do feel that we strongly care for each other, even if it may not be 'love' for me just yet.

    I'm never looking for 'the one', i know it is not yet the time for me to find it because I'm not 'there' just yet.

    But as far as he is concerned, i do feel that the universe brought us together to cross paths and create something positive for both of us, together and seperately.

    This week however, I could not feel his sincerity and needed to know why this was. Like a blockage !

  • I'm sorry if you have had a rough day since our last exchange, but I bet your Taurus was willing to fix again, am I right? After I read your reply, I saw a whole lot of (I think work) stress he didn't know how to correct, which seemed to kind of just unravel, following Mercury turning direct. In this new moon, he will rebuild the strength & confidence you admire in him. Now, you need to decide what you really want from this relationship. When you decide, I would be happy to help you head in that direction. I am a huge fan of the Aquarius/Taurus partnering. –It’s my favourite, in fact! –Remember this weekend: they sky cannot really fall, and your situation is much what you make it; you may as well enjoy it. I hope to hear from you soon!


  • Hello Authenik ! Awh you're a sweetheart ! Yes ! I was much too anxious and feeling a lil overwhelmed maybe during that weekend..

    He did fix it by maintaining his charm and showing me affection and comfort... but i'm back to feeling that way again.. It is something that is obviously rising to the surface that i can't ignore.. yet i dunno what it is yet..

    You're right too, the sky didnt fall. And it is I who needs to decide what i want and it seems my non conventional ways perhaps will create friction/ may have taken effect as of yesterday ! I wish to show him the miles i am willing to go in love, and to teach him beyond the ways he has previously been used to, as well as be a student in this experience with him, learning from him as i go along too.

    But he doesnt see my vision, infact he doesnt understand. And I am feeling stuck..

    I asked him "do you feel this has happened too soon" and to which he answers that he doesnt feel it has.

    He tells me he loves me, but I don't know. When we're together.. the hours just sweep on by.

    Its hypnotic yet at the same time, I feel myself pulling away, like as if it will burn me to get too close. I can't explain ! I don't quite know how to convey my feelings, without backing away soon after. He too, falls short and thinks too much of what others think or will say, and that puts me off.

    Thank you for your help in assisting me, its so muchly appreciated, really. 🙂

    Its so sweet, the feeling, that others want to help and care 🙂 Thanks ! x o x o x o

  • Actually, dont worry too much.. I think i'm just pmsing hahah..

    also, i feel i am just quite an anxious person, and its taking some getting used to, to be around him so much, since i prefer to live in solitude, usually.

  • Authenik are you there ? I would muchly appreciate your help / insight again..

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