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  • Hi Captain, hope you are doing well. I (DOB -19.02.1982) have recently made a lot of changes in my life and burnt all my bridges so to say. I seem to be have been suddenly left all alone without any insight as to what the future holds for me, if you can give me some insight as to what kind of a career is best for me( i have recently left my job to finish my book- will that be succesful?) and what lies ahead of me in terms of relationships. Also even though I have cut all my ties with the person I am interested in (Ankit - 29.11.1982) I am not able to let him out of my heart and everyday I hope that he will come back even though I know that it is unlikely. Is it possible that he feels something for me too which might develop into love or should I just forget about him? Do you get any good vibes from him?

    I am sorry if I have asked a lot of questions. Thanks for your time and help!

    God bless.

  • No, I don't feel your ex is thinking about returning to you. He feels happy with his new life. It's time you found a new life, too. You really only were attracted to him because he reminded you of someone else or a dream you had of a lover.

    What you really want is to be in control of your life - every area of it, all the time. But this need for control means that you don't open yourself to the Universe's greater plan for you. You must get in touch with your feelings, your fear of rejection or being left out, and other insecuritites that make you so desperate for control. What do you think will happen if you just let go and let life take its course? Hiding or suppressing your true feelings from yourself and others will only hold you back. By acknowledging your own emotions, you develop an awareness of other people's feelings. And it will make you a better writer to express your emotions freely. People want to read about flawed imperfect characters like themselves, not ones who do everything well.

    You also want the security and happiness of a deep, intimate love bond with another person. But you are afraid of cloying dependency. You are forever getting sucked in emotionally and you must make a special effort not to end up with six kids and no life. You both fear and want love and family - all you have to do is open yourself to love and it will come flowing to you. You cannot control its coming, but you can maintain your freedom even while within a domestic existence. You can still do your 'thing' and have love and a family at the same time.

    You have the gift of being able to nurture and support others. Good career choices for you include dealing with food (restaurants, hotels, catering, hospitality, cooking etc.), healing, house repairs, selling or investing in real estate, or working in the home. You have a good business sense and a talent for bargaining and shrewd negotiating. Also, careers in teaching, writing, acting, music, politics, leading trainings, court reporting, marketing, or sales work that involves travel and working with a variety of people would suit. You will basically do well in anything that really appeals to you. You want to earn enough to have a safe, secure homebase but, when you come into your full confidence, you may trade security for adventure. Your quick wit can usually find or create money when you need it.

    Your profile shows a tendency to be able to influence the public at large but more often than not you will do this from behind the scenes, since you probably won't enjoy being in the limelight too much. You do have a message to share which is why you are drawn to writing, but you must put that message across in such a manner that it will make others accept it more readily. Unless you learn to understand what others really want and need, you will not make a success of what you do. Identify the need in the marketplace so that you can fill it. Rather than trying to control the need, try to interpret it and encourage it to flow, instead. You must learn how to seduce others, not dominate them. You are sensitive and an idealist and have a good mind for introducing new ideas and concepts to the world.

    Watch for any workaholism, pessimism and personal touchiness which can hold you back in this lifetime. Make sure you aren't throwing your weight around for fear no one likes you. Your success lies in discovering your innate charm and ability to draw others to you, not through control but through insight, sensitivity, and understanding. And be careful not to project onto others any unrealistic expectations of consistency or faithfulness, or expect that everyone you meet will be an evolved being.

    Now go and succeed!

  • Hi Captain, thank you so much for the reading. It is as if you have shown a mirror to me and even though the picture is not a very likeable one, but then i can always improve on the image! You had completely hit on the point when you said that I am afraid and want a family life at the same time. That is one of the main reasons for me to break off with my boyfriend of 6 years because I knew that his culture and values are not similar to mine and I might be able to adjust to his way of thinking for sometime but then one day I will seek my own path and will try to break away from the confinement, it took me a lot of courage to come out of a secure and stable relationship but I think that was the first step towards finding what I want in life and actively seeking it out instead staying in denial. I am ready to explore my inner self and find my own goals and happiness quotient. So thank you for all your help and good wishes.



  • good choice made by swat4u.

    never ever not try new things in life

    gud luck


  • @YY, thanks a lot 🙂

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