Mecurey retrograde ending time

  • Please help me. I need to know what time Mercurey will go direct on sept 12, 2010. This retrograde period has been pretty rough and i am white knuckling it till sunday.I hope to get some important projects finished finallY! I have search the whole site and no exact timer is mentioned. Thank you for your responce.

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  • Well I have been feeling really tired... cant wait to feel my energy back!!

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  • Me too. No Energy, dragging! And my house is a complet wreck. I have un finished projects everywhere. My Nerves can stand the mess! I am a Virgo and having mecury in retrograde in my sun sign has been h--l on wheels! I was hoping that mecury would go direct earlier in the day on Sunday.What time zone is the 4:09 PM in. I hope that is EST.Thank you for the info.Ssomething to look forward to.

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  • I know. I am not expectring too much but I am hoping to get some good rest Sunday Night and my project organised again to begin to finish it it this coming week. It's the static noise that is driving me nuts.LOL Like being trapped on hold to the Dr.. office with the music station not tuned in all the way. LOL

  • Mercury finally turns direct in Virgo on September 13, at 2:00 am UTC (Sunday, September 12 at 7:01 pm EDT or 4:01 pm PDT) ending the third Mercury Retrograde period of 2010. One more to go before the year ends!

    I finally found the time. when Mecury will turn to go direct again.

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