Blmoon Are You Still Out There Tonight?

  • It's a new day---still need that fluff? Remember the fool's thread--someone requested a star card thread way back and it finally came up--so I just posted it on a new thread--hope it speaks to you as it is an encouraging card. You seem tired. Nature time? Did you get the Inner Power card I pulled for you last night after I interjected on the charmed witch's post? If that card does not uplift it's time to stand back. Giving messages "carefully" yet honestly is a juggling act of sorts--specially when you can sense the reception some messages may get. Hard to be true to your gift and always liked at the same time--hate the message--kill the messanger? Who needs that! Comes with the territory. There is a fine line between diplomacy and wishy washy. I'm a pleaser by nature but it does interfear if I let it. Believe in yourself. Still a bit of the old baggage hanging from the planets but after tommorrow the tide turns! I'm so ready. If you have a troubling question--just ask and I will connect later today. Blessings!

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