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  • I have been thinking of wanting to do something creative with my life right? well I want to start a small buisness for myself to do can anyone read and tell me if they see anything good happening in the near future for me to do something I want to do candles and gift baskets and sell them online. Please tell me what you think!! Thanks

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  • I want to recommend a book to you, Jenna29, that I am presently reading, and I don't think I've ever been quite so uplifted or inspired in my life.

    It is called "Infinite Possibilities: The Art of Living Your Dreams" by Mike Dooley. It is a NY Times bestseller, recently released in paperback. You can get it on Amazon used for next to nothing.

    I think that you, too, will be greatly inspired by Mike's insights.

    And remember one thing above all else: WHAT IS YOURS WILL COME TO YOU.

    I wish you health, prosperity, happiness and keep dreaming those big dreams because they DO come true and your heart is in the right place, which is the ONLY place to begin.

    You've helped others just by placing this post. You never know how or when you will touch someone's life.


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