How do you keep a Cancer man ....will he ever come back

  • Me and this cancer man have been messing around for two months i am a gemini woman with a virgo moon and virgo rising and my venus is in taurus he is a cancer man with a aries moon and venus in gemini ....anyway im used to guys moving quickly kinda rushing into relationships so after this cancer mantold me he had two other girls just like me it pushed me away he added he likes me best tho and he said he was just keeping it real so i fell back i was into deep i thought soon as i came to that conclusion he all of a sudden wants to be together i cut all them off he said he also said he was finally ready ....i rejected him told him i was having fun with my life that i enjoyed how ive beeen having things lately these are things he had said to me before btw anyway he got really quiet so i said im bored and left he gave me a hug at the door he neverrrr does that im guessing it was a goodbye hug anyway the next day i texted him i want to be with him too but he said he is over it he doesnt feel the same about me blah blah blah that quick thats bullshit i said sorry and practically begged him but he said he didnt want to lead me on he cant be with me he would have liked for it to go further but doesnt know if he can trust me wtf anyway he stood me up tw days ago and hasnt called since is he gone forever i dont have his number im heartbroken will he ever be back how is he over it that quick does that mean he didnt like me that much ?

  • Aries moon is impulsive and likes to conquer and move on if things become boring or difficult and Gemini Venus likes variety and spice is this your cup of tea? [ Virgo moon, Venus in Taurus ]

    He would have been attracted to you being a Gemini but he clearly wants to have his cake and eat it too . Chances are your Venus in Taurus wants something more settled and secure the one thing you both have in common is that you want some kind of security. He has probably moved on.

    Come on Gemini dust yourself off and move on, you will find someone more suitable, Good luck

  • Wow so he still hasnt calledme i guess your right he has moved on i miss him sooo much he has this impression i have soooooooooo many friends when in reality i dont i hope he comes back i feel like it might have been meant to be but if so why is it over ......TEARS!!

  • No, I think you should let that guy go, Please for your sanity. I'm a cancer but, generally I don't hurt someone unless, they hurt first If you know what I mean? I care for my friend who is a cancer and almost love him. I say I love him and he says he love me. But really can hurt me with his words and that is worse than physical stuff. Please that guy has other woman and it is not worth your time. You seem sweet and wonderful just be true to yourself and everything in your life will go smoothly I promise you all the feelings you had for him will go away and someone sweet as you will come your way when you least expect it.

    Cynthia T.

  • cyndithorn61,

    thanx for those kind words ........but since then he has came back ...........i told him not to call me anymore than 4 days later he called me anyway just to check on me he said .....idk know what to do with this guy is this a sign he cant leave me alone from a cancer point of view ? or is he getting a kick outta this

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