Why No Reading?

  • I have posted for readings in several forums (on different sites) but have never gotten a reading. I'm just curious if my mind is complicated/confused to myself does it make harder to get a reading back? I know a few people in real life who claims they are psychic but when they look at me they always look confuse. Is there something that they dont want to tell me or it's just hard to sense anything? my DOB March 2,1982

  • What kind of reading do you want?

  • the best medicine-forgive and forget instantly all hurts done by both parties to each other/misunderstandings.the older should lead an example to the young.

    stop acting&dramas.go to him and love him, take care of him.stop neglecting him.NOW


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  • Pisces604, you are a really amazing person who has charm, spirit, and much ability. People can get turned off you however because you can exhibit a certain 'know-it-all' or a need to be 'the boss' attitude at times. Or that's how it comes across to them. Your capacity to empathize with others is quite pronounced so your natural confidence may simply be misinterpreted. Yet you do have a tendency to treat people rather carelessly or to use them - you may try to force your opinion on them, not out of hostility, but out of your belief you know best. You can fluctuate between being manipulative and being too self-sacrificing. Make sure you share your gifts and don't hoard them. Operating from spiritual principles when you deal with others will bring success for all concerned. You will find great fulfillment in inspiring others and yourself to new levels of accomplishment and intimate connection, as you tap into both personal and collective desires with your observational talent for grasping the truths and inner needs that are common to us all. You can support others by understanding what they need or want. This lifetime is about learning how to persuade others to your point of view, not dominate or coerce them.

  • How many girls want the Captain?? lol

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