Requesting a Dream Interpretation

  • I'm not certain this is the right forum to post this on, however, I would like to get an interpretation if I may.

    My Dream:

    I had a house equivalent to my current one but nicer, I lived in a different city (one I want to live in) and I went over to my closet in my bedroom. Inside my closet I found around five upside down t-shirts all separated from another. The t-shirts belonged to an Ex of mine, they were too large for him and they were also old, faded and torn. My clothes were also in the closet, just far away from his. I was going to dispose of them, then I realized I would be able to use them as my own for my current job.

    Then I woke up.. Happy and peaceful

    Can anyone interpret what this dream means?

    Thank you ahead of time,


  • LoveDetox,

    my interpretation is, that you should now be the empress of your life.

    This is also about your inner truth:

    Find common ground between points of contention, wearing away rigid perspectives that would lead to fatal error. Great fortune if you stay on course.

    The subject of this dream discovers a key to tranquility by first gaining insight into her own nature, then turning that vision outward. By resolving inner conflicts and being at peace with herself, she learns to gain insight into others. In effect, she enters another, sees with the other's eyes, listens with the other's ears, feels with the other's heart. She then returns to her own center, with new perspective and understanding.

    An old woman was very sick. As she was alone in the

    house she was in great difficulty. One day early in the

    morning two nice ladies, looking very religious, came

    to her. They had sandal marks on their hands and also a

    rosary of beads. They started serving the old woman and

    said: By God's grace everything will be all right.

    Faith is power; and it never goes waste. That simple

    old lady trusted them. More so because she was alone,

    and a lone person wants to trust people. She was in

    pain, and while in trouble man's mind trusts easily.

    These unknown ladies served her for the whole day.

    Because of the service and the religious talks of the

    day, the old lady's confidence became still stronger.

    At night, according to instructions of those ladies,

    she lay herself down with a cover so that a prayer to

    God for her health could be performed. Incense was

    burnt; good smelling water was sprinkled; and one of

    the ladies, with her hand on her head, started reciting

    some unknown mantras. Then with the sweet music of the

    mantras, the old lady was put to sleep. At mid-night

    she woke up. There was darkness in the house. When she

    lighted the lamp, she found that those unknown ladies

    had left long ago. The doors of the house were open;

    and her safe had been broken. Surely, her confidence

    did bear fruits! Not for the old lady, but for the

    crooked ones. And there is nothing surprising in it

    because faith has always been fruitful for the crooks.

    Religion is not faith; it is discretion .It is not

    blindness; it is a treatment of the 'I.'

    But for exploitation, discretion is an obstacle; and,

    therefore the poison of faith is administered.

    Thinking is revolt; and because exploitation of a

    revolutionary is impossible, education of 'faith' is


    Thinking makes a woman free; makes her a woman. But for

    exploitation you want sheep. You require weak minded

    followers. Therefore, thinking is murdered and faith is


    Woman is helpless; and therefore, in her helplessness,

    in her loneliness, she accepts faith.

    Life is pain; and, therefore, to run away from it,

    one goes in the lap of any faith or belief.

    This state definitely offers a golden opportunity for

    the exploiters and for the selfish.

    Religion is in the hands of crooks; and, therefore,

    there is irreligion in the world. So long as religion

    is not free from faith, the real religion cannot be


    Only when religion will be combined with the fire of

    discretion then alone freedom, truth and power will be

    born. Religion is power; because thinking is power.

    Religion is light. Religion is light, because intellect

    is light. Religion is freedom, because discretion is


  • you have or are in the process of emotionally separating yourself from your ex, and the past you shared with him.

    moving forward does not always imply you will make a geographic move, but rather remove yourself from the premises shared, OR remove his items so that you do not have to be reminded of the past.

    ms sunny

  • Thank you both. The dream I could not interpret for myself because of the upside down t-shirts. Those really puzzled me as to what they meant.

    I appreciate both of you for stopping in to help me understand here.

    I do have aspirations of the future, why my ex was brought into my dream, I have no idea. I am happy to have both of your interpretations here.

    Thank you very much,


  • LoveDetox,

    there exists a very powerful method, how you could experience for yourself, what these upside down t-shirts mean for you: put two chairs facing each other, then sit on the one and identify yourself with these t-shirs: I am these t-shirts. I am upside down. How do I feel as these t-shirts? What do I think as these t-shirts? Why I am upside down?

    Then you can sit on the other chair, being now you yourself again, and you can ask the other chair (the t-shirts), whether they have something to say to you, or everything else, what comes in your mind. Then back to the other chair, and now can you do a dialogue, as long as it is relevant to you. It is important, always to speak as "I", I am the t-shirts, and, then, I am myself. Because the identification is the key to reveal dreams. Identification with everything in the dream, that you can remember of.

  • I think it's more I view my relationship with this ex of mine as being upside down. I am pretty sure it's what it means.

    The way I have come to have interpreted this is, instead of having a good relationship with this guy like I should have, the relationship is old and worn, upside down, wrong and misdirected.

    This relationship with the ex - I have a child with. Things just got out of control and nothing is as it should be, but I do think I realized everything will be okay, even in this state.

    I will be able to live my dream and get away from all the upside down eventually. I have moved on and away (as you both indicated above) but I am okay with the way things have ended. I am able to accept this atrocity for all that had been endured, and for what was and now is.

    Almost like a rainbow after the fierce storm that had rolled through. All will be okay, even though the damage is still there and needs to be repaired, I will be able to overcome it.

    Thank you again Hans,


  • LoveDetox,

    I respect your interpretation, of course, but I want to comment: interpretation is one thing, but experiencing dreams by identifying with is another thing. And I would bet on it, that by identifying with your dream you would experience something completely different as what you have understood with you mind.

    The whole effort is how to come in contact with your

    own life energy. The contact is lost and broken. You

    are just near, but just near is also a distance. A

    small turning, just a looking back, and things start


  • Hans,

    Your interpretation may be right, as I reread it above, it does make sense also. So does MsSunny's, I suppose one day I will understand it all.

    Thank you again Hans


  • LoveDetox,

    love is a dangerous thing

    too. It is almost like walking on the razor's edge,

    because love ultimately means dissolving and melting

    and disappearing. It is not an ego trip; it is moving

    towards nothingness, nobodyness. It will not make you

    somebody special; it will make you absolutely ordinary,

    just like the trees and the bushes and the rivers and

    the mountains.

  • Mr. Hans,

    May I ask again.. What do you know about numbered meanings? I had another dream last night of my ex, his gf and I think some of her family members. The number five keeps occurring in my dreams, not so much a number but the things relating to my ex. There are always five things in my dream relating to him.

    First dream I asked about, there were five upside down t-shirts, this time, there were five people. Or maybe when including me, the number is six. I'm not sure, maybe you can help me out here?

    Thank you,


  • LoveDetox,

    maybe you can help me out here? that means transformation, letting go of the past.

    LoveDetox, you need deep breathing. Deep breathing absorbs death into life, deep

    breathing creates a bridge between life and death; the

    fear disappears. If you can breathe deep down through

    the belly, then fear will disappear completely. Death is

    also life -- the other aspect of the same coin. It is


  • That is completely awesome! Thank you so very much Hans! It's good to know that it really is happening for me. I have had so much built up anger and rage, it has been going away for a while now.

    Whew, I do need to breathe! Thank you, thank you, thank you for taking your time on me!

    Thanks Again,


  • LoveDetox,

    in the future we have to drop those qualities like anger and rage from

    the human mind. So go beyond being war-like.

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