For Hans Wolfgang or any One with good insights

  • Hanswolfgang,

    this person, I was infatuated a while ago, is very, extremely confusing. its a strange situation. nothing physical has happened. so much it seemed to have happened.

    disappointments over disappointments he is still in me. I believe he chooses so. he wont let go, even he can't do much about it.

    I was almost over it many times, but he would push it further, after a long while passes. he is like a fishermen. push and pull as he wishes, and I don't know where he wants to get with it.

    its torturing because, in my mind, I believe I am totally right, I shouldn't bother any more about him.

    I am different now of course, stronger, as then, but I hate the energy he pulls.

    its a blind energy and to me gets wicked more I see him. I feel for him the same in fact, as before. but mind wise I am over it. I have no reason to be otherwise. I know he is not going to make me happy whatever happens.

    at this moment after I really feel much stronger and focus in my profession life, he shows up again, with some pull moves, and I want to neutralize, and he makes a push move, i believe because he thinks I am still looking for him.

    he has a gorgeous gal in his side and wont let me be alone. I don't F. understand why would he do that. can you tell me??

    I guess he might be hurt, or revengeful??

    I truly thought he fell for me before. but with this moves, he shows his pathetic self and make me wonder who is out of mind here, me??? or him???

    what card could you pull for him??

    Unfortunately, he leaves in my area, and I can't move from here any time soon.



  • typo

    Unfortunately, he lives in my area, and I can't move from here any time soon.


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