Been faced witha tough decision and i dont know what to do!!!

  • I have recently had amjor fight with my boyfriend that has left my family discouraged and against the relationship.. the fight was not as serious as people seem to think, and i in fact started it out of jealousy... which i later realized was misguided..

    i dont know what to do .. should iu leave him because its what my family wants ... in order to save a friendship with my parents..

    or should i stay with my boyfriend and accept that one day soon they will learn to accept him and me together ...

    What should i do????

  • my boyfriend is a good guy, who has helped me a lot, and i am sure he does in fact love me!!!!

  • Follow your beautiful heart. Pray for heavenly help. Keep on loving both parents and boyfriend.

    Ask the I Ching to see if there's something beautiful to learn about this. Be grateful for whatever "problem" life is presenting you too, you're becoming richer and wiser. Lots of love for you. Don't lie, but don't try to change people's mind. Be simple. Be clear. Be true.


  • You need to make it clear to everyone that the fight was indeed not the major disaster they assumed it was and that it was your fault not your boyfriend's, that started it.

  • the best medicine-forgive and forget instantly.the older should lead an example to the young.

    stop acting.


  • How did your family find out about the fight? If you were the one who told them, then I assume you were probably not in the right frame of mind? Our stories seem blown out of proportion when we are upset!

    I agree with Captain, you need to set the record straight that the fight was not the major disaster that was brought forth initially.

    Be honest. It's the only way both parties will respect your relationship. Follow your heart.

  • Hmm if your family is going to be angry with you becasue of your decision then you better lay down some ground truths and rules so that they respect your decision. And listen to your inner voice.

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