How to Move slow in trying to build relationship

  • I need advice I think i move to fast to start a relationship i wonder how to take things slow with someone that has been hurt in the past

  • 1. Don't rush into a sexual relationship.

    2. Don't discuss the way you feel about her right away.

    Have a little mystery about you. Let her curiosity grow. This will help her to take her mind off her past hurt and look forward to future possibilities.

  • This will sound corny - do a lot of stuff like play scrabble, ride bikes, go tothe park, sit on the beach and talk, ride roller coasters, go to the zoo and see if you can get to be really good friends first. If ou can't be friends then there is no use having a relationship. You can force it to last for a long time, but someone will always feel cheated, otherwise.

  • Thanks y'all Im trying hard to take it slow this time we been friends for years but this is the first time we got really close. she told me that she got hurt in the past so she just want to chill Im not going to force her....

  • Scrabble is good

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