• Dear Blmoon,

    I was recommended to ask you for help as i have been hearing a song playing in my head for the last month or so , the song is called making love out of nothing at all by Bonnie Tyler ,

    there are other versions out there but Bonnies is the one that im hearing , at first i didnt take much notice of it as im very busy looking after my kids all day ,but then it became stronger and now its even more stronger , i go to bed and wake up hearing it .

    This is not a song that i have never really listened or had in my music collection, but i have just recently purchased it because i thought that maybe if i played it a few times i would get it out of my system, but this hasnt worked as its still there stronger than ever.

    I was wondering if you might be able tell me if it is someone from the other side trying to make contact with me through the song as there is no logical reason as to why i am hearing it all the time . I would be very grateful for your help if you can find the time .

    Thankyou and Many Bessings 2U Mags


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    Aka Shatz

  • Of course i dont mind Sheila thankyou for your angel bump


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    Angel blessings Bee X

  • Thanks guys i really appreaciate your bumps

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  • Thanks Angelbee its really nice of you to help me out i appreaciate it

  • Mags,

    I'm not Blmoon (she'll come around if she has an answer for you) but perhaps I can express my thoughts about it. "Making love out of nothing at all" not knowing your current situation I'm choosing to allow the words to bounce off me pretty basically. From my stand point i get that no matter what the circumstance is good or bad, fruitful or not, you can have love because it's pure so you need nothing really to bring it about, it just is. So does this relate to a person trying to reach you with a message? It could perhaps be a way of reminding you that you are loved, perhaps reminding you to consider no matter what you struggle with that it costs nothing to love another, it's a freebie if you will. It may not necessarily be a connection from one person. It may not be some big hint about a relationship in your future or anything. But on the other hand maybe it's a reminder it's not what you have that will dictate what you can have because you can make something, something really special from "nothing at all".

    I could be completely off base but allow me to share this, sometime ago I asked if people ever feel like a comment made on a television show or a line in a song seems to be aimed just at them? I was very much experiencing that feeling. Even if it was a rerun perhaps one line someone said seemed to be louder, all the outside sound quieted to make me hear it more clearly or I felt like they looked right at me to help me know "this message is for you". I was getting a little weirded out by it frankly. But then I started keeping a little spiral notepad near the remote, when something would pop up like that I wrote it down. One line at a time it didn't mean a lot but when I started to piece it together .....well you see where I'm going. For me the messages were do not let stress get to me, to count my blessings,have you hugged your child today, sounds so simple and yet I needed to hear the words and know they were for me. Maybe this is the beginning of such a journey for you. Anyway, those are my thoughts on the matter, hope it helps in some way.

  • Hi Mags, well for me it seems that either someone is sending you a homage because they really admire you for all you stand for, or someone it is an answer from your angels about how super you really are to cheer you up in your down time, or there is somebody in your life that you want to dedicate the song to. And either you don't know how to say it so the song is doing it, or that somebody doesn't know how to say it and is sending you the song.

    The video I watched was full of angels well girls dresses up as angels. That is like a huge big indicator, at least that is what my first thought was.

    Only my opinion, I hope someone else has a better interpretation, maybe you could ask Captain. but it really sounds like a message to you about how great you are.

    xx Sheelagh

  • thats okay, livingonaprayer, anytime perhaps you shud ask The Captain though?

    🙂 angel blessings bee! x

    we girls gotta stick together, lets have us some girl power:)

  • paddi..that was the video I watched too ! I just read your response, i had already typed mine in our thread. The angles are very key I think. I am not sure what their message is to mags, but I do feel that there is one.

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