Captain, you really eased me thanks

  • i want to say thanks for doing my chart on the aries man... i feel we met for a reason, and he is the one for me... i cant explain this feeling... and i dont think it is because i care so much... its a long long story that goes with this man... and experiences that ive experienced... but in any case you answered me, and basically let me know there could be a chance with him, basically if me and him want it and are willing to work at it... i think when both of our heads are more clearer in our lives we will be just fine... thanks again, and best wishes to you as well, jaffeebella

  • You're welcome. Let me know how you go.

  • I just had a flash of an image for you - it was a moth who was fluttering close to a hot flame. She knows she will get burnt but can't resist the brightness.

  • Dear Captain, how do I read a comment or answer to my post? can you help me?

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  • its funny you say that, i had a dream of fire last night too... and the dreams i dreamt of last night all last night were like all night mares... nothing good... wow amazing though... thanks for this insight of me and sharing it with me... its like a warning for me huh... jaffeebella

  • captain, i wish i could tell you a story that took place 10 years ago... and you said the readings we get may not be set in stone... well along with that same reading, this psychic picked up about my ex abusing me and how he was going to go to jail for it all and lose his nursing lisence... trust me it is all in the works... and the aries man im in love with there is something special that happened with me and him, before i even knew him... when i was young really a young girl, i used to have visions and dreams of me married to a man named jeff... and his name is jeff... it is wow... but if i could email you this is a story i dont want the whole world to know, but its an experience and very true, that ill never ever forget it... and i would love to share it with you if you allow me too... and then you will see why im the way i am with this man... jaffeebella

  • Admin doesn't allow us to post out email addresses here.

    But do you know how many Jeffs there are in the world - be sure you are not making the man fit the prediction. I feel very strongly this man will crush you.

  • okay ill take your word on it... and you are probably right, he has in many ways already captain... i just dont know if i can fully let go... in some sense somethings are a meant to be situation no matter how much we fight them... i feel strongly it is him though... and i do not know if you see him around me anymore in my future... we havnt really talked much lately due to our last arguement... so you know more than me for you have a better insight... when i try to meditate on it or be a psychic to it i get so confused with feelings and the truth that i scream out to you guys for the help... but again you have been a angle on my side for you advise and all that you see ahead of me... but captain do you see him in my life anymore or do you thing it is done for good... jaffeebella

  • oh and captain am i right when i think like this, i dont feel it is fully over between us as of yet... not saying it will last a life time, but is there an ending to us, i dont feel it is now... i do however feel he is going to come to me and try this out again... will it fail, probably because of his attitude and personality isnt matching mine... but i also feel like again there is definitly a bond with us... and if you heard the story i want to tell you you would understand me... we have a connection, a spiritual connection... and i know this for a fact, due to spirit guides and prayer and how ive meditated and the few answers ive gotten... even if i dont want to go by the psychic in the past, just what i mentioned alone tells me alot... i guess thats why i keep asking you guys for insight because when im told it isnt him, im like freaking out... things ive had a psychic ability on and wrote them down, are coming to be so true and connected to him... hes saying word for word in what ive written 10 years ago about the man i was going to marry... and im not joshing either captain... but maybe it isnt right now... maybe it is months or a couple of years down the road still, and we cant see that far... i dont know... but i know i seen him and his face and have it all written down, to what his apartment looked like and things that were in it, etc to what he looked like, 10 years ago, and again i never knew him that far back... i just know him a year now... infact, i said it will be about 10 years before i meet him , and it is... no lie... i even said he will be around where i live... and he lived right across the street from me... even i described him... for some reason god gave me the ability to see my own future at that time... i havnt been able to see much of it again, maybe im scared of looking... who knows jaffeebella

  • It is not over because you will not let go. You don't really believe everything you have been told that this man will hurt you so it seems this is a lifetime where you will ignore advice and must experience bad things for yourself in order to learn. Did you never think your dreams of this man might be a warning, rather than a calling to meet?

    I agree with the poster who suggested neither of these men are good for you. You are attracted to abusers because it is all you know.

  • captain, i will tell my story... i have to tell it and maybe you can make sense of this or advise me of why i feel the way i feel... maybe it is like you said but here goes... about 10 years ago, i experienced death while having surgery... during this i had outter body experiences and i would say my angel came to me and basically told me she was told by god to keep me alive for her grandson... and she described this man to a tee... along with the psychic ive been too in the past telling me it is jeff... but my angel even took me to god when i let go after surgery and god told me it isnt my time to cross yet... well during that time of my life my angel kept coming to me and telling me things that were going to happen in my future and said it is going to all work out... she also told me again she kept me alive for her grandson... along with my own experiences in life with dreams and visions, i had her and then the past psychic tell me he is the one... it isnt that i wanted to say all of you were wrong, i just got so confused... i know this is the guy she is talking about... at least i think, unless it is someone else... maybe i still have not met him as of yet... anyways, can you tell me what you think... there is more to this but it is so long and detailed... i dont want all the details out, i think i said enough for you to advise me if you can and see why im so confused... jaffeebella

  • I think you are making this man fit the description, instead of waiting for the real person to come along, because you don't want to be alone.

    And I have never heard of angels having human grandchildren. It wasn't an angel that came to you, maybe a passed over spirit. Did the 'angel' actually tell you that you should get involved in a love relationship with her grandson? Maybe she just wanted you to be a good friend and help him when he needed support?

    Still, if you truly believe in your heart that this Jeff is the right Jeff, then ignore everything I have said and proceed as your gut instinct tells you to.

  • Jaffeebella, I have a message from spirit for you - you must stop thinking of yourself as a victim or as someone who needs to be rescued by a white knight. You are quite able to look after yourself and don't need to depend on anyone for support. You are much stronger inside than you know. Stop believing that you are meant to suffer and focus on being positive. Then you will attract happiness.

  • thanks so much captain... as we i am always getting yelled at by my mother and the abuse i live with day after day... between family and men, i cant take it no longer... sometimes i really wish my life would end... and for this spirit to come to you like this and talk to me, i know it is real... she knows whats going on... she sees me just down spiraling everyday, more and more... but you tell her i will take her advise... and take steps to move forward... thanks captain so much for this hon... you are great...

  • Jaffeebella, it's your obvious vulnerability that makes you so attractive to others and it's also what has gotten you into trouble so many times. You'd love to be the sort of old-fashioned traditional romantic heroine who gets swept off her feet and rescued by her white knight - but I feel you're not really that person. You try hard to be, but you're not. You do have an enormous yearning to be loved and to have the security of a family. Probably this big need comes from the fact that you didn't feel very loved, wanted, nourished, or secure when you were a child. You felt 'different' as you were growing up, too, but now that same 'difference' can become your talent and your trademark. It can bring admiration and recognition from a world that appreciates and reveres your special ability and uniqueness.

    Of course, that sensitivity of yours to rejection and your obsession with having a 'normal' love relationship can hold you back from getting what you want. Instead of being open and understanding and allowing the Universe to provide you with what you need, you get moody, clinging, possessive, demanding, overattached, jealous, and dependent. This is a major turn-off for guys who might be interested in having a relationship with you. Instead of getting the love you need, you could destroy the moment. It's not malice that makes you behave that way but a desire to protect and nurture those you love. It's just that dependency is such a touchy issue and you are still so sensitive about this mothering thing.

    You do have a significant contribution to make to the world. Success awaits you if you can only spend less time in self-indulgent searches for the loving mommy you never had. You need to proble deeply into your obsession with being properly cared for to the point where you become fiercely clinging and over-attached to lovers and any children you might have. You must lose that fear of being unceremoniously dumped and move on to develop your performance abilities, reduce your dependence on people you want to take care of you as if they were your parents, step into the professional role you must accept in order to make your mark in the world, and let your sun shine bright!

    Your real power comes not from trying to recreate a perfect family life in the present to make up for your deprived past. Throwing yourself into your work with determination and resolve will take you out of your neediness when your audience gives you the love you crave. You will find true fulfillment in freedom from attachment. Love shouldn't be roped in and tied up like a poor calf at a rodeo - keeping your freedom and allowing others theirs will not only liberate you from the torturous agony of jealousy and insecurity, but will also draw people to you rather than send them running away. You may even find that a real, honest and trusting friendship with a man - and not love - turns out to be the most rewarding type of relationship you can have. That doesn't mean you won't be loved - just that when it comes to emotional expression, you need distance, perspective, and most of all humor. Then you'll be fine.

  • okay, and thank you for this so very much and how right you are captain... example, today i go to my bipolar doc... my mother comes with me and she interveins with a question the doc asked me... yet she is all rowled up and annoyed and pounces on me... im very layed back like it didnt bother me... well the doc got annoyed and pounced back at her... and litterally told her she needs help... he said some of the ways and things i do is due to my bipolar... so when we left he made a statement dont come with her here anymore, if you need something to be said give her a note... so we walked out, and man i got blasted from 1 till now which is 421 that is due to the phone ringing and she is still yakking on it... i cant take much of it... i feel that most of my possessiveness comes from my home life... i think i want to be loved so much and desperately so i can get away from my mom... i love her but living with her is so hard... and thats why i want to be loved so badly... i dont think im waiting for that right person to come along to really turn into my knight and shinning armour... if this is making sense... but hopefully soon enough god has a plan for me and a direction to be free... i know life is ups and downs but what i go through daily, i live on pins and needles always... im a nervous wreck half the time... thanks captain, you are awsome the way you are helping me... and it puts real tears to my eyes to know people like yourself are helping people like me and care... i feel like i have no one or nothing... thanks jaffeebella

  • Don't let your mother's problems become yours. You need to step back from this destructive relationship if she won't change her behaviour. She probably doesn't even realise how bad and negative she is. There are some people who can't be helped, no matter how hard we try to help them. They have to learn from bitter experience. Don't let her drag you down to her level of misery.

    I care about you Jaffeebella and so does everyone here.

  • thanks so much captain, and i care for all of you guys as well... you guys have helped me so much in this short time... the help ive received has been so helpful and the insight of myself that is giving keeps me intuned to what needs to be changed within myself... and i do need to change myself... somethings need changing so badly... i notice that... not everything and im not a bad person, but i know i have room to grow and become a better one... anyways, keep in touch captain.... jaffeebella

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