Could Someone Assist With A Reading

  • Hello:

    I would very much appreciate a reading. I am in a new relationship and would like some insight as to the positives and negatives surrounding the match. I was born 2.23.65 at 6:23 pm. He was born 5.5.88 time unknown. If there is any other information required please let me know. Thank you.

  • I'm picking up mixed vibes so need to ask you a question to make sure I'm not picking up someone else. Is this man living with you? Do you have a child his age? There's something similiar about the impressions I'm picking up for you and another person I've read for.

  • Hi Blmoon. Thanks for responding. No we do not live together and I have no children.

  • I usually don't ask questions but had a feeling the impression I was getting was too similiar to someone elses reading. Like this other woman I know--you share the same wound. Spirit showed me her first because you are a hard one to read--you can very guarded and closed off--a defense method learned very young. You asked about a man but Spirit has a much bigger answer--the man is a ghost--they are all ghosts. Relationships are painful for you--you carry a very big father wound and there is a weakness in your female energy connected to the mother. First spirit shows me the GIFTED sign--brains--talent--grace--you are all these things. None of the men you have craved have been your equal--you are trapped by your past unable to really live your potential! You have great talent--potential to take things beyond hobby. Excellent communicator--a writer. You have a perservearance that goes the extra mile--a winner. You have fame potential. But you have not healed from your deepest wounds. Your shadow side has not joined in balance with your light side--you are still blind to some of the things you do to sabotage your Power. You are a very smart woman and I see you can without distraction if you choose see the blind spots that hold you back. Forget the relationships untill you live alone with yourself long enough to deal with the pain that hides below all the outside distractions. You get attached to the idea of a man quikly--like a drug--you consume it--it consumes you---steals you from your real life potential. I feel a very immense pain that you think is burried but part of you knows how volital that is--when it could blow--will you hurt others--hurt yourself? Will it shatter you into a million pieces--this out of control feeling--not feeling ever safe drains your energy ---you have so much potential. Healing is a must at this crossroads. It's about energy. You must find an outlet--you must grieve in managable ways of balance--cry but don't drown in it---you must learn to honor the feelings without letting them consume you. Have goals--work hard between crying times. Start a novel. Build something--take a class--train for a competition. You were born to win things--competition is good for you. Start the healing by really believing there is a difference between mental illness and malice. People can be driven by many demons. Take away the hurt and wisdom will reveal your past and it's perfection in relationship to the destiny YOU chose before you were born. Confusing? Feel the hurt? Take away the hurt? You can feel the hurt but not be victimized by it--that's the gift of free will. In the past you used detachment in a closed door way but that also keeps out spirit guidance--you now must learn the art of detachment without shutting down--to let it pass through you. Pain is energy--many great artists have created beauty from very deep pain. Your potential is great. Blessings!

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