Will my hair turn out right

  • I've had problems with dyeing my hair in the past and i get really really nervous when i have to have it done, i've had highlights for ages, but i want a change and i want to go platinum blonde, but im scared it will make my hair fallout or turn out wrong can anyone give me some insight if it will turn out ok

  • angel girl,

    the answer i am about to give you is not on a psyhic level,

    it is a professional opionion, as a ex hairdresser,

    first is your hair in a virgin state right now?

    how many shades do you want to go down.

    if you have been dying your hair frequently, the best thing you can do is go down gradually, using hair dye that is a shade lighter each time,

    is your hair thin and fragil, this makes a huge differencek, fragil hair can not take the hair bleaching process it breaks and not fall off,

    are you allergic to hair dye?

    this is a very important matter,

    now to get to the heart of the matter, in what condition is your scalp, is your scalp strong or when you touch it ,it feels sensitive, if when you touch it it feels sensitive, i would advice you not to bleach your hair, the condition of your hair is also very important, hair that is dry tends to brake during or after bleaching process,

    also if you have bleach your hair prior, see how in what condition it is in when wet, if it becomes like a rubber band, elastic, then you can risk your hair falling out.

    i firmly believe i cover everything, you examine your hair,seek help from a hair professional that you trust.

    best wishes,


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