Da Blmoon

  • Blmoon,

    I am here today to express again how grateful I carry inside what you guided me through.

    Months ago I ask about my Daughter.

    I told the long stoy of her death.

    I have had time to really heal as I have lived over seas.

    We are of low income and to get the money to move was a concern.

    I had ask for readings and they same cards or readings showed the same.

    So I quit and came into Trust that it would work out.

    I realized I thought it was my time,but the universe has its own time.

    My goodness of the awareness that has come to me...Oh how grateful I am to grow in awareness.

    Many Ladies on The Thankful thread has been of support to me.

    Poetic was always bumping me up to make sure you saw my post...

    Such a wonderful Heart she has and support..

    Last night for the first time as I went to sleep a woman came to me.

    She said it was not just a place sleeping and reasting or dreaming a place we can meet.

    She shared allot and I loved it ..as such joy to be there.

    She told me I would remember all that was told to me.

    Well I woke up and remember her..not a clear face just the presents of her.

    I dont search to know or try to write down to remember as I find I have a Trust that I will know.

    I have change my forum name a few times.

    The Most Important thing for today Is That I write my deep felt Heart of Gratefulness.

    As moments has such change and the ones who reach out is in my Heart for ever.

    I will be moving this month...so soon I will be off the Thread as to start my new life.

    You know I have nothing else to ask for as I have all I need..and so Greateful..

    Thank You Dear Blmoon!!!!!!


    What a warm feeling reading your post--like getting a heartfelt hug! I do remember your challenging situation. I remember how so unfairly tragic it was--yet also a testiment to the strength of the human spirit at its best--I felt a real sense of inner power growing stronger and stronger and that you were passing the test of faith and letting go. You have been touched by God's Grace. And it is wonderful to get such a visit and you are right--no need for words to remember because it has been wispered in your ear and became a part of you. We get visits often at night--loved ones wisper in our ears guiding words but mostly we do not know it. You are blessed and have earned such a validation! I'm so happy for you! Having lost a child myself I can apreciate the gift you have received. What ever you have been doing keep on keeping on--you have found that state of grace that opens the door to receive! BLESSINGS BLESSINGS BLESSINGS!

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