Capricorn Female and CANCER male! help

  • Hi everyone,

    Well, my cancerian guy has been driving me nuts and this has been going on for 13 months. I don't know what is up with him he doesn't disappear for long, I'd say 2 or 3 weeks maximum but never out of blue he always comes up with an excuse and mostly after we fight, then he comes around again as if nothing went wrong and make me fall for him even more. I never been like that with any other guy I am always the kind of girl who moves on once Its done but with my cancerian guy it is different. I have always been dating Sagittarius guys and this is my first cancerian love so I feel lost.

    now he is back talking to me after disappearing for 2 weeks and he treats me like his gf but he doesn't want us to be in a relationship he says what's between us is strong that we don't need to define our relationship and fight all the time and this way we can both have our own space. He seems to care like when i call him he would stay up till 6:00 a.m on phone with me eventhough he has to go to work at 8:00 and he is sooo sweet but whenever I bring up our relationship subject he is kind of annoyed maybe. and plus he doesn't want to confess his feelings like if i said do u love me he would ask me well do u love me? if i said i dont then he would say i dont too so he is never the kind of guy that just says he lovess me or misses me. 2 days ago finally he said he missed me so much but then it's like he realized that he actually said it so he was like changing the subject and all. anyway we got so close for four days in a row talking on phone all the time but then I was again bringing our relationship subject to him and i felt he was turned off or something and so I started to be boring and have nothing to say to him because I was upset and feeling down during our conversation so I kind of stopped showing him I care yesterday and the day before I told him I would call him back and I didn't so today when I called him he sounded upset so I told him I will call back later he said oh is this the "I will call back later " that u told me yesterday and the day before? so I was like so you;re upset because of that? he was like no I am not but still he sounded upset. He just never shows his feelings

    what should I do about this? I really love him and want this to work but what does it take for me to make it work?

  • Passionate87,

    2-3 weeks not a long time??

    Thats a long time in my books! I haven't heard from my cancerian man in 4weeks!

    The longer he doesn't get in touch with me, the easier it is to walk away.

    This shows me he is not invested in me and he doesn't care if some other guy

    comes a long and wants to be with me!

    These are really bad games, love is not supposed to be push/pull, hot/cold.

    I got great advice on my thread, it has helped me so much, check it out.

    Don't know how old your cancerian man is, mine is 50

    and needs to grow up

    I am sorry you are going through this with your guy.

    I wish you the happiness you truly deserve.


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